2010 NFL Draft - Chicago Bears
Florida S Major Wright
Florida S Major Wright
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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Chicago Bears

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Third Round 
Major Wright. SS Florida 5-11, 206
Overall Pick 75 CFN Overall Ranking: 181

Chicago simply can't draft, and fortunately, it gave away its top picks to an even dumber team, Denver, to get Jay Cutler. Safety is a desperate, DESPERATE need, and while Wright might not be the best football player around, he's an instant impact player because of his athleticism.

A big-time recruit even among Florida's high standards, he was a tough all-around defender who played at a high level for his entire career. While he's not all that big, he's a great hitter who doesn't have any problems throwing his body around. The 4.48 he tore off at the Combine showed off his range, but he's not smooth and he's not a phenomenal athlete for his size. With his style, he might have a short shelf life and might always get banged up, and it would be a big help if he didn't always go for the kill shot and was able to simply make the routine stop. Some will see him as a possible Bob Sanders type and will overdraft him, but that's a huge reach for a good but limited player.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round 
Corey Wootton, DE Northwestern 6-6, 270
Overall Pick 109 CFN Overall Ranking: 94

Wootton doesn't have to go far to play his pro ball, but the Chicago media will go crazy over this pick. It's a good value selection for a player of Wootton's size and pass rushing skill, but the Bears just dropped a ton of coin on Julius Peppers and desperately, DESPERATELY need offensive line help and could use another safety prospect to go along with Major Wright.

With outstanding size, great length, and a fantastic physique, he's an intimidating force with the quickness to match the measurables. There's still a sense of unfinished business on what he can become as he was just coming into his own before suffering a devastating knee injury, and he wasn't quite back to his old self last year. Very candid that he didn't work nearly hard enough early in his career, he has the fire and the fight to reach his potential. Can he get back the quickness and explosiveness? Someone will have to take a chance on him without fully knowing what he'll be a few years from now.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fifth Round 
Joshua Moore, CB Kansas State 5-11, 188
Overall Pick 141 CFN Overall Ranking: Top Free Agent

The Bears just don't care about the offensive line. Corner is a need, but Moore is a mediocre pick at best. While he's extremely quick and was productive in college, he doesn't have NFL skills and has all the makings to be yet another wasted late round Chicago draft pick. Instead of going for the best player possible, the Bears tried to fill a need and missed.

A good college player who played better than his athleticism. … Moves well enough to be tried out in a variety of spots. Could flourish as a nickel or dime back. … More of a baller than anything else. A football player but not a workout warrior. … Doesn't have the quickness at an NFL level. … A decent tackler, but hardly special. … Might have to be a safety. Not a next-level corner.

Sixth Round 
Dan LeFevour, QB Central Michigan 6-3, 230
/> Overall Pick 181 CFN Overall Ranking: 55
For a team that needs to win right now or lose the entire coaching staff (and front office), this isn't exactly a pick for the moment. However, the Bears desperately need a backup quarterback, and while LeFevour might be considered a bit of a project, he could be needed right away considering the Bear O line, and the Mike Martz offense, could make Jay Cutler a vegetable.

A baller. Arguably the greatest player in MAC history did it all at the non-BCS level, played well against the better teams, and he looked the part in offseason workouts and practices against the big boys. One of the best all-around combinations of run-pass skills in the draft, he's great on the move and finds ways to make big things happen by getting the ball into the hands of his playmakers. You don't win as many big games and as many championships (three MAC titles) as he did without knowing what to do. While he doesn't have a cannon for an arm, he's accurate enough to get by and he's a great decision maker. The arm strength for his size is an issue and he spent most of his career in the shotgun, but if he gets a little time to work on speeding up his throwing motion, he has a chance to be a solid NFL starter. However, he'll need the right system; he's not the typical NFL quarterback prospect.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Seventh Round  
J'Marcus Webb, OT West Texas A&M 6-7, 335
Overall Pick 218 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A massive, MASSIVE prospect, but he's not going to solve Chicago's offensive tackle woes. The Bears needed to come up with the best player available and not try to fill a need with a seventh rounder, but considering the line is a glaring problem, Webb will be a flier who'll get a better chance than most taken in the final round.
CFN Projection: Free Agent