2010 NFL Draft - Green Bay Packers
Purdue DT Mike Neal
Purdue DT Mike Neal
Posted Apr 24, 2010

Green Bay Packers - NFC North, 2010 Draft Selections & Prospects

Green Bay Packers

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First Round 
Bryan Bulaga, OT Iowa 6-5, 314 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 9 CFN Overall Ranking: 23

A total steal for a team that desperately needed someone to keep Aaron Rodgers clean, Bulaga might be the best tackle in the draft with the upside to be a big-time pro for the next decade. He has a bigger upside than Russell Okung and Trent Williams and should be a perfect fit.

One of the most technically sound blockers in the draft. He's big, moves effortless, and is young with the upside to still grow into a better, stronger player. He doesn't just block, he buries, and when a hard yard is needed he comes up with the hit. While he worked out well, on tape he had a few problems with the pure speed rushers. He looks the part and has all the basics, and he could be just scratching the surface. He'll play somewhere for a long, long time and can move to guard if he struggles at all at left tackle.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round 
Mike Neal, DT Purdue 6-3, 294
Overall Pick 56 CFN Overall Ranking: 157

The measureables are all there, but he wasn't nearly consistent enough. However, the Packers could've used more help for the defensive back seven and should've looked harder at a linebacker or a running back. Neal has the upside to be decent, but this was a reach by a few rounds considering Terrence Cody is still on the board.

While he's not all that big and he's a one-gap only tackle who'll only be useful if he gets into the backfield, he's just quick enough and just strong enough to make a roster and be a key backup. Tremendous at times in off-season workouts, he looks the part with a great body and excellent weight room strength. Better in practices than on the field, he's limited in what he can do and has to be in the right scheme to succeed.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Third Round  (from Cleveland)
Morgan Burnett, SS Georgia Tech 5-10, 211
Overall Pick 71 CFN Overall Ranking: 103

Green Bay got a boom-or-bust player who could be scratching the surface. He needs to be surrounded by talented defensive backs, and he will be in the Packer secondary. He fills a need position-wise, but he's inconsistent.

He'll change games for good and bad. While he'll make the brilliant play just often enough to get everyone excited, he'll then be out of the mix the next two plays and will disappear. He makes way too many mistakes by being overaggressive and takes way too many chances. However, he's strong, big, and he doesn't miss a tackle when he has the chance. There's enough upside to get excited about the possibilities, but he doesn't have elite raw skills and will have to be coached up in a big way to limit his freelancing errors.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round 
Andrew Quarless, TE Penn State 6-4, 254
Overall Pick 154 CFN Overall Ranking: 209

The classing million-dollar talent with the ten cent head, he has first round skills but slid because of work ethic and character concerns. However, he can play and he's a reasonable flier to take in the fifth round. If he wants to be great, he could be a tremendous value pick.

An intriguing prospect, he has the hands, he moves well, and he's a strong, tough blocker who can get down the field. The problem is his head. He doesn't play nearly as well as his measurables and lacks concentration. He had a few off-the-field issues that kept him in hot water at Penn State. On talent and potential, he might be one of the best tight ends in the draft, but he's too flaky to invest heavily in him.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round 
Marshall Newhouse, OG TCU 6-4 319 (OT)
Overall Pick 169 CFN Overall Ranking: 179

The Packers continue to take blockers to keep the quarterback clean after having a nightmare of a time last year. Newhouse won't start any time soon, but he'll be a godsend of a reserve at both tackle and guard with his calling likely to be inside if he gets a little bigger.

A true tweener, he's not quite talented enough to be an NFL tackle and he's not tough enough to be a dominant guard. He was a fantastic anchor for some great TCU lines and he's versatile enough to see time doing a variety of things. One of the quickest linemen at the Combine, he moves well, but that's about it. It'll be shocking if he's more than a career backup, but his versatility will come in handy.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Sixth Round 
James Starks, RB Buffalo 6-2, 218
Overall Pick 193 CFN Overall Ranking: 84

It should say something that Buffalo, who could use a late round pick on a running back, passed on the home grown kid. Starks hasn't played in over a year and will need time to get back in a groove, but he was growing into a big-time prospect before he got hurt.

Sort of the underground, grass roots sleeper going into the beginning of last year, he suffered a shoulder injury during the summer and was knocked out for the year. He's a big back who takes too many shots and will wear down too easily, but he's a great finisher, is slippery, and has the hands to be used on all three downs and in any situation. For good and bad, he takes shots and will get banged around. He'll stick on a roster because he'll look great in camp, but he's not durable enough to get a full workload. But if he can stay healthy, he could be a steal.
CFN Projection: Sixth Rounder

Seventh Round 
C.J. Wilson, DE East Carolina 6-3, 290
Overall Pick 230 CFN Overall Ranking: 122

A big 3-4 end who cranked out an impressive 32 reps on the bench at the Combine, he could be yet another tough, strong tackle. A phenomenal value, he could've gone a few rounds earlier. Athletic for his size, he can move well and could be used just about anywhere with some of the most versatile raw skills in the draft. He'll never be a top pass rusher and he's not polished, but he's tough, won't be out of the lineup without something major happening, and could be an interesting and safe mid-round flier.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round