2010 NFL Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy
Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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First Round 
Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma 6-4, 295
Overall Pick No. 3  CFN Overall Ranking: 3
Everyone likes him because he's a good guy, a great interview, and extremely personable, but his mediocre work on the bench at the Combine has to be a bit of a concern; 21 reps are embarrassing for an NFL defensive tackle. He might not be Ndamukong Suh as far as an all-around lineman, but he'll be the type of interior pass rusher who spends the next decade sitting on quarterbacks' heads.

Extremely quick and unblockable at times, he's a superior athlete for his size and doesn't get moved easily. The knock will be his lack of weight room strength after a miserable 23 reps at the Combine, and, compared to Suh, he wasn't significantly quicker in the drills or more athletic in the workout. However, he's a high character guy who's a dream for coaches. He loves football, wants to be the best player possible, and has always played great at the highest of levels. Outside if his bench in Indy, the only other knock is his potential lack of versatility. He's not a nose and he likely will have to be a tackle in a 4-3 or an end in a 3-4. That's looking for a problem for a player who'll be special for a long, long time.
CFN Projection: Top Five Overall

Second Round 
Brian Price, DT UCLA 6-1, 303
Overall Pick No. 35 CFN Overall Ranking: 33

A tremendous pick, and don't be shocked in any way if he turns out to be almost as productive as the higher-priced Gerald McCoy. If McCoy is the real deal, Price will be a dominator in the backfield. The Bucs now have their tackles for the next decade, but they need Roy Miller to now turn into a space-eater.

While he's not all that big and he's a short, squatty defender, he's extremely quick and is one of the strongest tackles in the draft. He's always working, always working, and always making plays as both an interior pass rusher and a tough rock against the run. Athletic for his size, he should be a great interior pass rusher at the next level. He needs to get into better overall shape and he needs to show that he wants to run through a wall when it comes to the little things it'll take to get better, but his versatility and his disruptiveness will work well in just about any defense.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Second Round (from Oakland)
Arrelious Benn, WR Illinois 6-1, 219 (Jr.)
Overall Pick 39 CFN Overall Ranking: 41

The Bucs need a safety and passed on Taylor Mays, but they got an interesting prospect in Benn who was a major disappointment for the Illini considering how big-time he was coming out of high school. He'll be a better pro than a collegian and he might be the instant No. 1 target for Josh Freeman.

Considering he was considered to be one of the top receiver recruits of the last five years, he was a major disappointment. He's a terrific athlete, has the right attitude, has the size, and has the make-up to become a talent, but he didn't get it done in college and didn't produce nearly enough. He wasn't bad, but he's almost certainly going to be a far better pro than a collegian once he gets in a more sophisticated system that can use his talents better. Extremely strong, he's tough for most corners to handle and isn't afraid to come up with the big block. Extremely quick, he can be used as a return man. While he still needs polish and isn't the most natural of receivers, he should flourish with better coaching.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round 
Myron Lewis, CB Vanderbilt 6-2, 203
Overall Pick 93 CFN Overall Ranking: 120

Hmmmm, think Tampa Bay is trying to upgrade the defense? It's going quicker, faster, and more athletic. Lewis might not be the most complete corner, but after a run with Jerome Murphy and Amari Spievey going with the previous two picks, this is a nice selection at the right time.

With excellent size and good production, he has the frame to look the part. And then he ran a 4.45 at the Combine and exploded in the broad jump, with a 10'6" leap, and now he's on everyone's radar. Not afraid to use his size, he'll come up with the hits needed, and he's a fighter with an attitude. However, he's not the best of run stoppers, he has been banged up, and he was beaten way too often. He'll likely be overdrafted, but he can be used as a nickel or dime defender if he has to.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fourth Round  
Mike Williams, WR Syracuse 6-2, 221 (Jr.)
Overall Pick 101 CFN Overall Ranking: 148

After taking Arrelious Benn in the second round, getting Williams here could bring an even bigger boost for the passing game. The Bucs are giving Josh Freeman some weapons, but Williams is hardly a sure thing. He could be another Antonio Bryant, though, for a year if everything breaks right.

There's no questioning his talent, his size, or his potential. He's not a blazer, running a 4.53, but he's fast on the field when tracking the ball and he's good at getting open. He looks the part, and if there weren't off-the-field issues he'd likely be one of the top five receiver prospects. But there are the knucklehead concerns after getting suspended in each of the last two seasons. Not all that strong, benching 225 pounds just eight times at the Combine, he needs to be far stronger for his size and he has to show he wants to be great. He has to work and he has to prove he's not a pinhead (which he wasn't able to do in interviews).
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round 
Brent Bowden, P Virginia Tech 6-2, 197
Overall Pick 172 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Apparently Tampa Bay has all the pieces in place and can afford a punter. To be fair, the Bucs were miserable booting the ball and had to go after a punter. He's not a blaster, but he has a good enough leg to get by and he has nice accuracy. However, he's not worthy of being drafted.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round 
Cody Grimm, S Virginia Tech 5-11, 203
Overall Pick 210 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Not a linebacker in the NFL, he'll be a slowish safety and a special teamer. He's a good defender who might hang around the roster simply by doing a little of everything and always going full-tile.

The son of former star Washington Redskin lineman, Russ, Grimm is a hard-nosed player who has worked hard to get just big enough to play at a high collegiate level. As expected for a player from his family, he's instinctive on the field and always is in the right position and seems to be thinking two steps ahead of anyone else. While he might be limited because of his size, he's a good tackler and will do anything needed. The straight-line speed isn't there, but he's incredibly quick with the fastest cone time of any safety at the Combine. He'll always get an honest look because of who his dad is, but he doesn't have NFL skills to be anything more than a good special teamer.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round  (from Jacksonville)
Dekoda Watson, OLB Florida State 6-1, 240
Overall Pick 217 CFN Overall Ranking: 79

Absolutely chiseled out of granite, he has a body with one muscle on top of another. More than just a phenomenal physique, he's extremely quick and cranked out a blazing 4.56 40 and an amazing 11'2" broad jump. He's not going to get any bigger (there isn't room for another muscle), he doesn't have a feel for pass coverage considering his athleticism, and has been better in workouts than on the field.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Seventh Round 
Erik Lorig, DE Stanford 6-4, 281
Overall Pick 238 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

He doesn't fit what the Bucs want to do. While he's big and can be used at several spots as a backup, he's not an athlete and he has gotten by thanks to a never-take-a-play-off attitude. It'll be hard to cut him because of his high-end motor.
CFN Projection: Free Agent