2010 NFL Draft Analysis - Round Three
Cleveland Brown QB Colt McCoy
Cleveland Brown QB Colt McCoy
Posted Apr 24, 2010

Who went where and how good are each of the draft picks in the 3rd round?

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65. St. Louis
Jerome Murphy, CB South Florida 6-0, 196
Overall Pick No. 65 CFN Overall Ranking: 59

For a team that needs a little of everything, Murphy represents a Best Player Available pick. A 1-15 team can't be too choosy about specific spots, and while corner isn't a huge problem, Murphy will still be an upgrade even though he can't fly.

He has a very nice, very solid package of skills. Not a blazer, he's not going to be anyone's No. 1 corner and projects to be more of a nickel or dime defender, but he's a good football player who'll find a spot somewhere. While he got ripped up from time to time and he struggled a bit last year, he's big, physical, and there could be a big payoff if someone wants to wait for a year or so.
CFN Projection: Second Round

92. Amari Spievey, CB Iowa 5-11, 195
Overall Pick 66 CFN Overall Ranking: 92

The Lions needed a corner, and while Jerome Murphy might have been a nicer prospect taken one pick earlier by St. Louis, Spievey is still a talent who should be able to step in and produce right away. He doesn't need a lot of work, but he's a limited prospect.

A baller, Spievey overcame health problems and other issues which led to academic troubles and an interruption in his Hawkeye career to become a good, sound defender. He's a hard worker who does what he can to improve, but there might be a hard ceiling on what he can do. His positives are on the film and not in a workout (even though he had a decent Combine), and it's going to take a coach and a scout to do their homework to realize what kind of a player he should be. There's a chance he could grow into a whale of a safety where he can roam and hit rather than deal with the speedier receivers.
CFN Projection: Third Round

67. Tampa Bay
Myron Lewis, CB Vanderbilt 6-2, 203
Overall Pick 93 CFN Overall Ranking: 120

Hmmmm, think Tampa Bay is trying to upgrade the defense? It's going quicker, faster, and more athletic. Lewis might not be the most complete corner, but after a run with Jerome Murphy and Amari Spievey going with the previous two picks, this is a nice selection at the right time.

With excellent size and good production, he has the frame to look the part. And then he ran a 4.45 at the Combine and exploded in the broad jump, with a 10'6" leap, and now he's on everyone's radar. Not afraid to use his size, he'll come up with the hits needed, and he's a fighter with an attitude. However, he's not the best of run stoppers, he has been banged up, and he was beaten way too often. He'll likely be overdrafted, but he can be used as a nickel or dime defender if he has to.
CFN Projection: Third Round

68. Kansas City
Jon Asamoah, OG Illinois 6-4, 305
Overall Pick 68 CFN Overall Ranking: 124

It's not the sexiest of picks, but he's the type of building block who could hang around for KC for the next ten years as long as he's not being asked to do too much. If he has to be a blaster for the running game, it's not going to work, but he can work on the move in the Chief ground attack.

While he's not massive, he has decent size and excellent quickness. He's perfect for a zone-blocking scheme and can get around and do what he needs to, but he's not a finesse player. While he was good for the Illini, he wasn't dominant against linemen with any talent. He can't be a star on a line, but he can be a cog who fits in with more talented players around him.
CFN Projection: Third Round

69. Oakland
Jared Veldheer, OT Hillsdale 6-8, 312
Overall Pick 69 CFN Overall Ranking: 135

Finally, Oakland had to be Oakland and it had to go with the measurable guy. It was a little bit of a shock that Al Davis didn't go with workout warrior Bruce Campbell over Veldheer, a prospect. The Raiders needed a tackle, and while it might take a while, it's a shot for the stars.

Very, very, big and very, very long, he's still trying to fill out his frame after working to get to over 300 pounds. A terrific pass blocker at the lower level he erased all the mediocre talent he faced and showed the 5.09 speed and athleticism that most of the big-school tackle prospects would've dreamed of coming up with. He's not used to beating up defenders and will have to get used to playing mean enough to get the attitude to match his athleticism. While he's not polished, he has limitless upside.
CFN Projection: Third Round

70. Baltimore (from Seattle)
Ed Dickson, TE Oregon 6-3, 245
Overall Pick 70 CFN Overall Ranking: 113

Not a bad value pick here, the Ravens have another Todd Heap and another weapon for Joe Flacco to work with. He won't have to be physical for the Raven attack and he can just be a top target. Being a tight end and getting selected by Ozzie Newsome is like being Dave Grohl's drummer … Dickson has to be good to get this call.

A natural, talented receiver with fantastic hands and smooth wide receiver-like ability, he'd be a star prospect if he could only run a little bit faster. A 4.8 runner, he doesn't have the separation speed to blow past too many NFL defenders and he doesn't block well, but he's a fighter who'll go after the ball and could be a very nice, very safe backup who sticks in the league for a long time.
CFN Projection: Third Round

71. Green Bay (from Cleveland)
Morgan Burnett, SS Georgia Tech 5-10, 211
Overall Pick 71 CFN Overall Ranking: 103

Green Bay got a boom-or-bust player who could be scratching the surface. He needs to be surrounded by talented defensive backs, and he will be in the Packer secondary. He fills a need position-wise, but he's inconsistent.

He'll change games for good and bad. While he'll make the brilliant play just often enough to get everyone excited, he'll then be out of the mix the next two plays and will disappear. He makes way too many mistakes by being overaggressive and takes way too many chances. However, he's strong, big, and he doesn't miss a tackle when he has the chance. There's enough upside to get excited about the possibilities, but he doesn't have elite raw skills and will have to be coached up in a big way to limit his freelancing errors.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

72. Buffalo
Alex Carrington, DE Arkansas State 6-5, 285
Overall Pick 72 CFN Overall Ranking: 90

The Bills are obviously looking to upgrade their line and they're looking to do it really, really big. First they grab Torrell Troup in the second round, and then they go with a tall, talented end who should be a good fit personality-wise.

Very tall, very long, and very hard working, he's a silky-smooth 285-pounder with the strength to match his quickness. Able to play either end position, he's cut, tough, and can get off the ball in a hurry. He'll need to learn to play up to his tools a bit better and he needs to put together a better group of pass rushing moves to count on, but he was more than great in offseason workouts and should be a rock-solid long time pro. There isn't a high ceiling, but there's little bust potential.
CFN Projection: Third Round

73. Miami
John Jerry, OG Ole Miss 6-5, 328
Overall Pick No. 73 CFN Overall Ranking: 87

Is he going to be a guard or a tackle? Either way, for a team that took Jake Long No. 1 overall a few years ago, he's going to be considered a major part of the line right away. If you're a lineman and Bill Parcells is drafting you, you're good.

He made himself a lot of money at the Combine by showing up in shape and looking quick enough to be used at tackle if needed. He's a bruising, physical blocker who's great for the running game and has a nasty way of pushing linemen into the fifth row. His weight is going to constantly be an issue and he might need a coach to keep on him about it. There's nothing fancy about him. See lineman, hit lineman.
CFN Projection: Third Round

74. Jacksonville
D'Anthony Smith, DT Louisiana Tech 6-2, 304
Overall Pick 74 CFN Overall Ranking: 91

Apparently the Jaguars feel they need defensive tackles and they feel they need to generate pressure form the defensive interior. Smith might not be the athlete that Tyson Alualu is, but he's great prospect if he wants to try.

A big body with good all-around skills, he'll come cheap compared to several other tackle prospects and he'll be a great value. He's quick into the backfield and can be used either as a 3-4 end or a 4-3 tackle and be just as effective. While he got by because he was bigger and more athletic than everyone else, he's not going to be able to overpower anyone at the next level and he's not functionally strong enough to hold up too well against NFL double teams. Can he show the motor and want-to needed to be great? If he kicks it in, there's excellent upside.
CFN Projection: Third Round

75. Chicago
Major Wright. SS Florida 5-11, 206
Overall Pick 75 CFN Overall Ranking: 181

Chicago simply can't draft, and fortunately, it gave away its top picks to an even dumber team, Denver, to get Jay Cutler. Safety is a desperate, DESPERATE need, and while Wright might not be the best football player around, he's an instant impact player because of his athleticism.

A big-time recruit even among Florida's high standards, he was a tough all-around defender who played at a high level for his entire career. While he's not all that big, he's a great hitter who doesn't have any problems throwing his body around. The 4.48 he tore off at the Combine showed off his range, but he's not smooth and he's not a phenomenal athlete for his size. With his style, he might have a short shelf life and might always get banged up, and it would be a big help if he didn't always go for the kill shot and was able to simply make the routine stop. Some will see him as a possible Bob Sanders type and will overdraft him, but that's a huge reach for a good but limited player.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

76. New York Giants
Chad Jones, SS LSU 6-2, 221
Overall Pick 76 CFN Overall Ranking: 99

Rarely do you get to go back in a draft and directly compare picks and know what worked and what didn't. The Giants took Jones one pick after Chicago took Major Wright, and while Jones doesn't have the same athleticism, he might be the better football player.

His biggest problem? He's too good … at baseball. The big-hitting strong safety is a special outfielder and could even be looked at as a good reliever prospect, but he's just as good a football player. Is he into baseball more? That's going to be the issue for any NFL team wanting to use a draft pick on him, and there will need to be plenty of homework done to find out his true intentions. He's not nearly strong enough with a miserable nine reps on the bench at the Combine, but he played a lot bigger on the football field as a game-changer who always seemed to come up with the big plays. However, he's not physical enough play in and play out and wasn't nearly consistent enough. It'll be a buyer-beware draft pick since he's really a baseball player giving football a look.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

77. Tennessee
Damian Williams, WR USC 6-1, 197 (Jr.)
Overall Pick 77 CFN Overall Ranking: 53

In the Titans' eternal search for a good receiver, Williams might not be perfect, but he can be a nice playmaker and a good piece of the puzzle. He can make Vince Young look like a real, live, passer.

The former Arkansas Razorback transferred to USC and was fine, but his workouts have been average. In a strange way, considering he played with Mark Sanchez and was Matt Barkley's main target, he often made his quarterbacks look great by making something out of nothing. While he doesn't have blazing speed, he's quick on the field and does a great job of fighting for the ball. He might not be a star NFL No. 1 target, he has enough talent to grow into a devastating No. 2. He'll be a big yards after catch target.
CFN Projection: Second Round

78. Carolina
Brandon LaFell, WR LSU 6-3, 211
Overall Pick 78 CFN Overall Ranking: 70

LaFell is the big, dangerous target who slid way further than anyone would've thought he could've gone last year at this time, but he's a good get for a Panther offense that could use a No. 2 target on the other side of Steve Smith and some help for Jimmy Clausen/Matt Moore.

There was a time when many scouts considered him a top 15 overall prospect with the size and the potential to be special. However, he timed poorly, running a 4.63, and he didn't play at a special, elite level in college. There's a chance, though, that he could become a far better pro than a collegian with good moves for a player of his size and excellent blocking skills. The lack of deep speed will be a problem and he's not the most consistent of pass catchers, but if he can show a good attitude and is willing to work (neither is a given), he could become one of the most productive receivers in this draft. He has to want to be special.
CFN Projection: Third Round

79. San Diego (from San Francisco)
Donald Butler, ILB Washington 6-1, 245
Overall Pick 79 CFN Overall Ranking: 40

The Chargers didn't necessarily need a tough linebacker, but he's too good a prospect to let fall any further. While defensive lineman might be the bigger need, getting Butler, a fringe-first round talent, this late is a gift.

Now this is an NFL inside linebacker. Out of all the prospects who try to fit several types for different roles, Butler has the prototype tools. He's big, ripped, and threw around 35 reps of 225 pounds at the Combine and looked every bit the part. While he's far stronger in the weight room than he plays on the field, he moves well, is decent in pass coverage, and has a great motor. And yes, while he's an inside linebacker, he could play outside in a 4-3 and be just fine.
CFN Projection: Third Round

80. Denver
J.D. Walton, C Baylor 6-3, 300
Overall Pick 80 CFN Overall Ranking: 97

It might not be a fun, wacky, ticket-seller pick like Tim Tebow, but he's by far the second best center prospect in the draft and an excellent building block for the Josh McDaniels offense.

A good athlete for his size, he moves well and gets up and engaged in a hurry. A standout in Senior Bowl workouts, he more than showed he can handle himself at a high level and can be an NFL starter. However, he doesn't have special skills like Maurkice Pouncey, needs to work on his technique (he's too straight up and has to get lower), and isn't going to flatten anyone.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

81. Houston
Earl Mitchell, DT Arizona 6-2, 296
Overall Pick 81 CFN Overall Ranking: 109

The Texans needed a defensive tackle, and they got one. A quick interior presence, he's not necessarily going to be an anchor to build around, but he's a good enough talent to thrive with the attention paid to Mario Williams and the outside pass rusher.

An okay prospect after the season ended, his stock shot up after some terrific workouts including a shocking Combine tearing off a 4.7 40 and he moved well in the short drills. He's still a work in progress, he isn't huge, and he'll likely be limited to being a two-gap tackle, but his athleticism is intriguing and his quickness, character, and work ethic are enough to earn him a spot in someone's rotation.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

82. Pittsburgh
Emmanuel Sanders, WR SMU 5-11, 186
Overall Pick 82 CFN Overall Ranking: 136

So the Steelers are going to go back to the thumping, pounding style everyone remembers from the old days … yeah, and they're also going to upgrade the receiver wheels along the way. Sanders can fly and will get his chance to instantly grow into a Santonio Holmes role.

With 4.44 speed and excellent jumping ability, he's a terrific athlete who negates his lack of size by being able to jump out of the stadium. He'll work for a catch and is never afraid to try to make the tough play, and while his deep speed is excellent, his quickness and cutting ability is even better. There are character issues, though, having been suspended from the team after having problems missing meetings and not being on time enough. He's not big, but he has the quickness to be a dangerous slot receiver and a great third target in a Wes Welker-like mold.
CFN Projection: Third Round

83. Atlanta
Corey Peters, DT Kentucky 6-3, 300
Overall Pick 83 CFN Overall Ranking: 140

The Falcons are trying to step up on the interior taking Sean Weatherspoon in the first round and then grabbing Peters here. The idea will be to get to the quarterback and into the backfield on a regular basis, and Peters has the potential to do that.

A solid, underappreciated prospect with good lateral movement and excellent quickness, he's not going to be an anchor and he needs to be far more creative with his moves. A very productive playmaker at a high level, he's smart, experienced, and has better intangibles than talent. There's a limit on what he can do and he doesn't have NFL skills at any level, but he'll be a hard-worker who could grow into a nice backup who sticks around for a long time.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

84. Cincinnati
Jordan Shipley, WR Texas 5-11, 193
Overall Pick 84 CFN Overall Ranking: 167

If it's possible to get the exact opposite of a Chris Henry-type, Shipley could be it. He's not going to be a No. 1 target for Carson Palmer, but he'll work well on the other side of Ochocinco. However, Henry, even now, might be faster.

A better playmaker than a prospect, he's not big, he's only 4.62 fast, and he's not all that athletic. However, he's quick, runs great routes, is a great returner, and he always rose to the occasion. He was tremendous on short-to-midrange routes and knows how to get separation in short spaces. While there's a limit on what he can do and he'll never get past any NFL corner, he could be superior in the Wes Welker-like role on a team like the Patriots.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

85. Cleveland (from New England)
Colt McCoy, QB Texas 6-1, 216
Overall Pick 85 CFN Overall Ranking: 38

FINALLY … McCoy might have slid about 60 picks more than he might have liked to, and Cleveland might have rolled the dice waiting it out to get a passer with this sort of upside, but it's a great fit. Mike Holmgren gets to help tutor (at least from the front office) a fantastic talent who might be needed right away with Jake Delhomme expected to start (and no, he didn't throw a pick yet).

It's all going to be about what's asked of him. If he's going to be expected to bomb away, he's going to struggle. If it'll be his job to play in a West Coast attack where he's able to dink and dunk with short-to-midrange timing passes, he could be special. No, he's not Joe Montana, but he has similar size and mobility and can be used in the same sort of way. He throws great on the move, is tough-as-nails when he has to take a shot, and most of all, he has impeccable character and is the type of leader the rest of the team will follow into the fire and the coaching staff will love to have on the field. On the down side, he's not all that big, doesn't have a live arm, and he has a ton of wear on the tires after getting beaten up over the last four years. He'll need some time and some work in a pure pro-style offense, but he's a quick study. There might not be a high ceiling, but there's almost no downside. At the very least he could be a good backup who hangs around the league for more than a decade.
CFN Projection: Second Round

86. Philadelphia (from Green Bay)
Daniel Te'o Nesheim, DE Washington 6-3, 263
Overall Pick 86 CFN Overall Ranking: 218

A reach for just about anyone else, Philadelphia has a way of making undersized pure pass rushers work out. One of the Pac 10's greatest pass rushers, he'll combine with Brandon Graham to give the Eagles more threats to hit the quarterback.

While he looks like a linebacker and doesn't have the bulk or size to be an end, he's quick, fast, and strong with the look of a speed rusher in the short drills. A great college producer on some bad teams, he had to do everything himself at times and still came through. The problem is his ceiling; he might have hit it already. The character is a plus and he could be turned loose in the right defense that wants to maximize his skills, but he's not for everyone.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

87. Denver (from Philadelphia)
Eric Decker, WR Minnesota 6-3, 217
Overall Pick 87 CFN Overall Ranking: 128

Denver's second day might be better than the first. Decker could be a better, far cheaper receiver than Demaryius Thomas, and now Josh McDaniels has the look of his passing game of the future with Tebow, Thomas, and Decker. The Gopher star is a reach worth taking here with the hope that he and Thomas can somehow ease the loss of Brandon Marshall.

If it could be guaranteed that he'd stay healthy, he'd be one of the top four receivers taken. Despite being the focus of every secondary, he still found ways to make big plays time and again was great against the better corners. But he can't stay healthy. His physical and fearless style gets him in trouble as he suffered a concussion, a shoulder injury, and two season ending injuries over the last two years including a torn ligament in his foot that kept him from working out for teams this offseason. A baseball player who could've kicked around the minor league system, he's a ball player who'll fight to become a good NFL performer. But he might have a short shelf life considering he can't stay on the field.
CFN Projection: Third Round

88. Arizona (from Baltimore)
Andre Roberts, WR Citadel 5-11, 195
Overall Pick 88 CFN Overall Ranking: 141

After going defense with the first two picks, the Cardinals need to address the passing game. Wind him up on the other side of Larry Fitzgerald and let him go. He's not going to be asked to be Anquan Bolden right away, but he's a talented prospect who should be able to thrive in time in single coverage.

With excellent 4.46 speed and great route running ability, he has the raw tools and the toughness to do a little bit of anything. He can work inside or out and he gets deep. With the skills along with the work ethic, he has the potential to be a long time pro. While he has good wheels, he doesn't have elite speed and his size could be a problem against more physical corners. He bulked up a bit over the year and doesn't have any room to get stronger.
CFN Projection: Third Round

89. Carolina (from Arizona from New England)
Armanti Edwards, QB/KR Appalachian State 5-11, 187
Overall Pick 89 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Yeah, like he's going to challenge Jimmy Clausen for the future starting job. Edwards is a luxury pick for a team that's a piece or two away, and that's not Carolina. He's a speedy wide receiver prospect who should combine with Brandon LaFell to give the Panthers some dangerous weapons next to Steve Smith.

What is he? A superstar at the lower level, Edwards has the mechanics, he has the 4.4 speed, and he has the experience having started for all four years at ASU playing at the highest of FCS levels with two national titles and the epic win over Michigan. One of the most dangerous quarterback options in the draft, he could be more than just a Wildcat specialist with the delivery and the awareness to lead a team for a stretch. However, the lefty is way too small to be an NFL quarterback, has a mediocre arm, and has major durability questions. Because of his size, his football smarts, and his quickness, he'll make a team as a receiver and a No. 3 quarterback, but he's not going to be a star at quarterback.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

90. New England (from Dallas)
Taylor Price, WR Ohio 6-0, 204
Overall Pick 90 CFN Overall Ranking: 125

It'll be interesting to see if the Patriots got the right guy at the end of a run with Eric Decker (Denver), Andre Roberts (Arizona), and Armanti Edwards (Carolina) going with the previous three picks. Price is the fastest of the four. He's what Joey Galloway was supposed to be on the other side of Randy Moss.

One of the high risers on the draft boards over the offseason, he didn't disappoint at the Combine with a terrific 4.43 to go along with fluid cutting ability in the drills. He might not be all that big, but he has the deep speed to be an intriguing prospect if he can sharpen up the subtle nuances of his game. While he worked out well, he didn't always look the part in game action and he didn't always make his mediocre quarterbacks look good. If someone is willing to be patient and will want to mold the clay, he could emerge as a terrific No. 2 target.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

91. San Francisco (from San Diego)
Navorro Bowman, OLB Penn State 6-0, 242
Overall Pick 91 CFN Overall Ranking: 52

After taking Taylor Mays in the second round and getting Bowman here, even if the two top Niner picks don't work, these were still terrific value selections. Mike Singletary obviously knows linebackers, and he got a dangerous one to play next to Patrick Willis.

He came out early after an interesting career with a ton of production on the field and several issues off of it. While he was ultra-athletic for the Nittany Lions as an all-star playmaker who hung with receivers without a problem and was great at getting into the backfield, he came up with a clunker of a Combine running a slow 4.72 (he was expected to be more explosive) which partly could've been because he came in heavy. A great tackler who could be deadly once he figures out how to play at a bigger weight, he'll be a strong pick as long as his days of off-field issues are over.
CFN Projection: Second Round

92. Cleveland (from NY Jets)
Shawn Lauvao, OG Arizona State 6-3, 315
Overall Pick 92 CFN Overall Ranking: 173

The Browns made some fun picks with Colt McCoy and Montario Hardesty, and Lauvao is fun in a different way. He'll be a way-strong run blaster for the Brown ground game.

Extremely strong, he came up with 33 reps on the bench and he has the athleticism and quickness to match. The only positive on some awful ASU lines, he's tough, shuffles well, and is terrific at getting to the second level. However, he's not really a mauler and isn't really built to be an NFL guard. Even so, if he gets to run and move, he'll be a starter.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

93. Kansas City (from Minnesota)
Tony Moeaki, TE Iowa 6-3, 245
Overall Pick 93 CFN Overall Ranking: 152

If he can stay healthy, he's the tight end the Chief offense has been missing since losing Tony Gonzalez. When he plays he has the potential to be every bit as good as Jermaine Gresham and Rob Gronkowski, but he can't be counted on to play for a full season.

The big concern is his durability, but other than that he has the potential to be a solid No. 2 tight end. A good receiver, he showed good quickness at the Combine and caught everything thrown his way. While he's not huge and he's not a top blocker, he's big enough to give a few matchup problems. You name the body part and he has probably had some issue with it.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

94. Indianapolis
Kevin Thomas, CB USC 6-0, 192
Overall Pick 94 CFN Overall Ranking: 114

It's kind of a strange pick for an Indianapolis franchise that almost never goes for a player with so many question marks. Can he stay on the field? Is he good enough to be the future of the secondary? The Colt track record is solid enough not to question, but this is a hit-or-miss pick for a franchise that finds safe, sure things to fit the system.

He'll be overdrafted after his Combine. Everyone expected him to be a great athlete, but the 4.46 and the speed and fluidity through the short drills made him a standout. All the basic NFL tools are there with good size, great strength, and excellent speed, and there are enough big positives to overcome many of the little things … like his ability to play football. Durability has been a major problem, he's not a form hitter, and he seems to have little to no football instincts. He was only a starter for one year and he didn't do enough when given the chance, but he could be a far better pro in the right scheme.
CFN Projection: Third Round

95. New Orleans
Jimmy Graham, TE Miami 6-6, 260
Overall Pick 95 CFN Overall Ranking: 110

Now THIS is what you do if you're a Super Bowl champion. Graham is a luxury, but he's a dangerous luxury who could become deadly in single coverage especially around the goal line. All he has to do for the Saints is be a big receiver, and he could quickly be a great safety valve for the John Madden coverboy.

Potential, potential, potential. While he's a raw prospect who needs time and a whole bunch of coaching, the upside is there to potentially be the best tight end in the draft. He's huge, 4.53 fast, and he can jump out of the stadium. The former basketball player is trying to make the adjustment and has come along extremely fast. He needs a ton of work on his route-running ability, isn't much of a blocker, and he needs a boatload of technique work, but he'll bust his tail to try to get better. He'll require patience, but there should be a tremendous payoff in a few years.
CFN Projection: Third Round

96. Cincinnati
Brandon Ghee, CB Wake Forest 6-0, 192
Overall Pick 96 CFN Overall Ranking: 57

Phenomenal value this late in the third round. He's not going to pick off any passes and he's not a top playmaker, but he's a great athlete who has the speed and the athleticism that Joe Haden, Kareem Jackson, and Kyle Wilson (the corners taken in the first round), don't.

Extremely quick, he had some great offseason workouts showing off tremendous raw skills running a 4.45 at the Combine and later a 4.38. He destroyed the short drills exploding around the cones and in the shuttle, while the 10"7" broad jump was among the best of the corners. It's all there skills-wise, and he proved to be coaches' favorite at the Senior Bowl and in interviews. He's not going to flatten anyone and he gets pushed around way too much, and he's a better prospect than a football player, but someone will fall in love with the measurables.
CFN Projection: Second Round

97. Tennessee
Rennie Curran, OLB Georgia 5-11, 235
Overall Pick 97 CFN Overall Ranking: 63

Jeff Fisher will wake up tomorrow morning and his first thought will be, "yeah, I got my linebacker." Getting Derrick Morgan in the first round was nice, but the end isn't the playmaker that Curran is. Be shocked if Curran isn't one of the team's top tacklers from the moment he steps on the field.

Not all that big and not all that strong against the bigger, tougher NFL blockers, but he's a terrific athlete who moved well at the Combine but ran a mere 4.72 40. Extremely strong, he might make up for his lack of height with pure strength. On the field, he was extremely underappreciated and overshadowed in the SEC and could become a star once he hits the NFL limelight. In the weird world of NFL scouting, if he was 6-1 he'd probably be a sure-thing top 50 pick, but because he's two inches shorter (like that really matters for a linebacker) he'll probably drop.
CFN Projection: Third Round

98. Atlanta
Mike Johnson, OG Alabama 6-5, 312
Overall Pick 98 CFN Overall Ranking: 119

Atlanta is beefing up on the lines and is looking to set the foundation with Corey Peters in the early third round for the defensive side and Johnson with the last pick in the third. He's not a WOW pick by any means, but he'll be the type of sound all-around blocker who'll hang around the league for a long time.

While he's not the best of athletes and he isn't going to maul anyone, he's a technician who was the best blocker on a national title O line. He's smart, doesn't make mistakes, and is able to bury defenders once he gets his hand on them. He has a shoulder injury that limited him at the Combine, but he's expected to be fine. There isn't anything all that special about him, but he's a high-character worker who's just versatile enough to play tackle if needed.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round