2010 NFL Draft Analysis - Round Five
Michigan P Zoltan Mesko
Michigan P Zoltan Mesko
Posted Apr 24, 2010

Who went where and how good are each of the draft picks in the 5th round?

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132. St. Louis
Michael Hoomanawanui, TE Illinois 6-4, 264
Overall Pick 132 CFN Overall Ranking: 197

The Rams were building up the talent base over the first two days, and now it's really about upgrading the offense taking a wide receiver-like tight end in Hoomanawanui. He's not going to block anyone, but he'll be Jermaine Gresham-like for Sam Bradford.

A tweener who doesn't do anything at a particularly high level on a consistent basis. He should be a matchup problem as a receiver, but he's not fast enough (running around a 4.85 40), and he should be a good blocker with his size, but he doesn't finish his blocks. Just good enough to get a long look as a full-time, three-down tight end, but he doesn't have special skills and he hasn't stayed healthy.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

133. Seattle
Kam Chancellor, SS Virginia Tech 6-3, 231
Overall Pick 133 CFN Overall Ranking: 153

There's a definite theme in what the new coaching staff is trying to do. Already with Earl Thomas and Walter Thurmond for the secondary, in comes Chancellor, a big safety who's the fourth defensive player going up to Seattle.

Part linebacker, part safety, he's a huge defensive back with great range for his size. He'll be great when he moves close to the line and will be terrific in run support. He's as reliable as they come and is the type of player coaches love to have and had the great Combine needed to confirm what many will see on film. However, he's a bit of a tweener who might not fit a defined role at the next level and may have to beef up to be a smallish linebacker. He'll get drafted relatively well because he's a good football player, but someone will have to have a specific idea for how to use him.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

134. Philadelphia (from Cleveland from Tampa Bay)
Ricky Sapp, OLB Clemson 6-4, 252 (DE)
Overall Pick 134 CFN Overall Ranking: 50

After reaching for picks like Trevard Lindley and Keenan Clayton, the Eagles got a great value pick for its defense. Sapp was considered a possible first rounder a few months ago, and he's a fantastic prospect for the fifth round. A top-end pass rusher with the 134? Philly got a steal.

Originally considered a possible defensive end, he proved at the Combine that he's a linebacker … maybe. A tweener with tremendous upside, he has the tools to be used in a variety of ways as a pro including a pass rushing specialist (he was a superstar high school sprinter). He's not a run defender and he needs to get bigger, but he moves well, is athletic, and can be the type of player who blows up on a defense with other good players who'll do the dirty work. He might not be the best all-around defender, but he could be a Pro Bowler on sack total.
CFN Projection: Second Round

135. Atlanta (St. Louis from Washington)
Dominique Franks, CB Oklahoma 5-11, 194
Overall Pick 135 CFN Overall Ranking: 123

Corner might not have been a glaring need, after beefing up the line with two guards and going with two players for the defensive front seven, the Falcons got a speedster. He has the look and the attitude of an NFL corner, but he needs help around him. He'll likely be used as a nickel and dime defender.

While he has been timed around the 4.4s, the 4.52 at the Combine wasn't impressive and he struggled through the short drills. However, he has a great all-around mix of skills and talents with good size and quickness, and he has the attitude to play the part. He can be moved around where needed and would be a better nickel or dime defender than a corner. He doesn't play up to his talent and talks a better game than he plays, but he has just enough raw talent to be used in some way either as a returner or a key defender in the rotation.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

136. Kansas City
Kendrick Lewis, S Ole Miss 6-0, 198
Overall Pick 136 CFN Overall Ranking: 187

The Chiefs might have their safeties for the next ten years with Eric Berry and Lewis … at least that's the hope. Lewis isn't NFL fast, but he could be helped by being next to Berry. While he's not a great athlete, he'll get a chance to be a run stopper in the KC 3-4 defense.

An underappreciated leader who produced at a high level for a decent Ole Miss defense. Fast on the field, he moves well and was good at making the key plays. However, he wasn't fast in workouts coming up with a disastrous 4.72 at the Combine while laboring through the short drills. The mediocre athleticism and the corner body type limits his potential, and he's not a physical enough hitter to be intimidating in any way. He'll work to try to make a roster, but he'll have to show something big early in a camp to find a spot.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

137. Denver (from Cleveland)
Perrish Cox, CB Oklahoma State 5-11, 195
Overall Pick 137 CFN Overall Ranking: 64

Denver did some stupid things in this draft (like taking the first ever first round Mr. Irrelevant), but it got a steal here. Cox is a phenomenal value in the fifth round, and even though there's major bust potential, it doesn't matter this late in the draft. He could've gone in the second round and it wouldn't have been considered that much of a reach.

A boom-or-bust as they come, he was an extremely productive collegian who was the playmaking key to the Cowboy defense, but he's also inconsistent. When the lights are on, he's fine, but he didn't step up and bring the A effort each and every week. With decent size and great return skills, he's versatile enough to hang around a roster for a while, but he'll only stay around and be a key player if he can get the motor running. He'll have a few bad plays, and then he'll come up with a big play to make up for the problems. Too slow to be a No. 1 corner, he'll have to be a cog in the secondary.
CFN Projection: Third Round

138. Oakland
Walter McFadden, CB Auburn 5-11, 172
Overall Pick 138 CFN Overall Ranking: 175

A safe late pick, McFadden might not be the pure measurable guy that Oakland usually likes to go with, he has great upside. He'll get time to develop as a nickel and backup defender in the great Raider secondary.

Very quick and stand-out speedy on the field, he's able to stay with the quicker receivers and is aggressive enough to not get shoved around by the bigger ones. However, he's not a tough tackler and lets too many plays slip through his arms. If he can hit the weights a bit be surrounded by a few good defensive backs, he'll be fine. If he has to make things happen on his own, he'll be in trouble. He's a better player than his basics, and he could be a lot better as his career goes on.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

139. New York Jets (from Seattle)
John Conner, FB Kentucky 5-11, 246
Overall Pick 139 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Along with saving humanity from the machines, Conner (nicknamed "Terminator") is a nasty run blocker who could fit in perfectly for the New York Jets power game. He'll be a safety valve of a blocker and a receiver for Mark Sanchez and will be a key special teamer.

A pure fullback who needs to find the right team and the right offense, he's not a runner and he isn't going to catch too many passes, but he's a hard worker who'll blast away for the running game. He'll make a team as a special teamer and work ethic, but he'll be the last guy to make the roster.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

140. Buffalo
Ed Wang, OT Virginia Tech 6-5, 314
Overall Pick 140 CFN Overall Ranking: Top Free Agent

After coming up with a few interesting picks and some flash, the Bills took a potential cornerstone for the running game. Wang isn't a thrilling pick and he's not going to be a fan favorite, but he has the potential to start right away as a run blocking guard.

Extremely productive, he also showed up well in workouts running a great 5.21 at the Combine to go along with 29 reps. He has the size and he knows how to use it with good drive as a run blocker and is versatile enough to see time at several spots. He needs to get a bit bigger, but he might have maxed out on his bulk without getting puffy. He's inconsistent and he doesn't destroy defenders, and he might need time to find the right position. He's just good enough to play almost anywhere on the line, but he's not great enough to start.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

141. Chicago
Joshua Moore, CB Kansas State 5-11, 188
Overall Pick 141 CFN Overall Ranking: Top Free Agent

The Bears just don't care about the offensive line. Corner is a need, but Moore is a mediocre pick at best. While he's extremely quick and was productive in college, he doesn't have NFL skills and has all the makings to be yet another wasted late round Chicago draft pick. Instead of going for the best player possible, the Bears tried to fill a need and missed.

A good college player who played better than his athleticism. … Moves well enough to be tried out in a variety of spots. Could flourish as a nickel or dime back. … More of a baller than anything else. A football player but not a workout warrior. … Doesn't have the quickness at an NFL level. … A decent tackler, but hardly special. … Might have to be a safety. Not a next-level corner. 142. Kansas City (from Miami)
Cameron Sheffield, OLB Troy 6-2, 257 (DE)
Overall Pick 142 CFN Overall Ranking: 235

The Chiefs continue to pick up players to pressure the ball. The defensive line is a need, but finding a pass rushing outside linebacker is also a must. KC got both, and while Sheffield can't run all that well and might not have elite skills, he could turn into a decent, disruptive backup with the right role.

A disastrous 4.9 40 at the Combine killed his potential as an outside linebacker, but he's too light to be a regular defensive end. However, he's a good pass rusher and is smart enough to make things happen on the move. He'll need time to learn how to play outside linebacker and might need at least a year to figure out what he's doing. The upside is there for a prospect with just enough talent to become a dangerous strongside linebacker.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

143. Jacksonville
Larry Hart, OLB/DE Central Arkansas 6-2, 257 (DE)
Overall Pick 143 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

In Jacksonville's eternal search for a defensive end who can play, the pass rushing prospect might be small, but he can move. He was good at the lower level, but is he going to make up for missing on Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves in past drafts? Nope.

A true tweener, he's too small to be an NFL defensive end and he's not quite athletic enough to be a top outside linebacker, but he can move and he could be a terror of a pass rusher if all he has to do is go from Point A to Point B. He's not going to come up with any moves, but he's a decent enough raw prospect to develop. CFN Projection: Free Agent

144. Houston (from Kansas City from Carolina)
Sherrick McManis, CB Northwestern 5-11, 195
Overall Pick 144 CFN Overall Ranking: 205

A strength in numbers pick, McManis is a smart, tough corner who helps bring yet another good corner prospect to a secondary that sorely needs help. The Texans invested in Kareem Jackson in the first round, and now they got a nice, athletic prospect to develop .

Very smart and very quick, he moves suddenly and decisively getting by on knowing what he's supposed to do. Strong against the run, he's not afraid to step up and be physical enough to come up with big stops in the open field. However, he's just not a good enough athlete and he doesn't quite look the part. He tries to be physical, but when he gets blocked he stays blocked. While he might not be a perfect prospect, he's a good football player who can stick on a roster as a key, versatile reserve.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

145. Miami (from San Francisco)
Nolan Carroll, CB Maryland 5-11, 204
Overall Pick 145 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

The Dolphins didn't necessarily need a corner, but they're trying to find as many defensive upgrades as possible and are trying to boost up the depth. Four of the first five picks are for the defense. He slid because of a leg injury and he wasn't able to work out, but when he's 100% he's an interesting prospect.

He didn't run as he's still trying to get past a broken leg, and he didn't lift either. However, he was big and looked like a short safety. … Good size and great athleticism when healthy. … A good hitter. Very physical and is willing to push receivers around. … A strong tackler. Wraps up and pops like a safety. … He suffered a broken leg. Missed too much time hurt. … Not all that fast. Quicker than speedy. … No instincts. Projects to be more like a safety.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

146. San Diego (from Cleveland from Denver)
Cam Thomas, DT North Carolina 6-4, 330
Overall Pick 146 CFN Overall Ranking: 48

So why did a tackle, who might be the best run stopper in the entire draft, slide? He doesn't bring it play in and play out. On raw tools and upside he's a top 20 player, but on effort he's fifth rounder, and he can't even look at a hamburger without gaining more gut weight. However, for the San Diego 3-4, he could be a phenomenal late find.

One of the best pure defensive tackles in the draft, he's not going to fly into the backfield but he'll be a brick wall against the run. After a great Combine with 31 reps and showing off the pure bulk everyone wants in the middle of the line, his stock quickly rose. Unlike Terrence Cody, Thomas is really big but without a ton of bad weight; he's just strong. While he had a good Tar Heel career, he didn't have a great one and struggled to shake some ankle problems. His biggest problem is the slow motor and a lax attitude that'll turn off more than a few teams; he'll need a coach to do some butt-kicking on a regular basis.
CFN Projection: Third Round

147. New York Giants
Mitch Petrus, OG Arkansas 6-3, 310
Overall Pick 147 CFN Overall Ranking: 160

Certain to be an instant favorite among the Giant fans, Petrus is strong enough to lift the new stadium and could become a devastating road grader in time. He'll be great on the move, but he has take his weight room strength and apply it on the field.

Freakishly strong, he came up with a whopping, too-good-to-be-true, 45 reps of 225 pounds on the bench at the Combine. The former tight end and fullback also moved relatively well considering the show he put on in the weight room. However, his strength isn't functional, he's not a dominant run blocker, and he needs a ton of technique work. With the right coaching he could be decent in the right offense.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

148. Tennessee
Robert Johnson, S/CB Utah 6-2, 195
Overall Pick 148 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A reach for anyone else, Johnson could be a nice fit for the Tennessee defense that needs defensive backs and puts a premium on very quick, very athletic playmakers. Is Johnson a corner or a safety? He could find a role as a backup right away.

A former JUCO transfer, Johnson is a good tackler with tremendous range. He's not all that physical, but he can fly all over the field and has the versatility to see time at both corner and safety.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

149. St. Louis (from Atlanta)
Hall Davis, DE Louisiana-Lafayette 6-4, 271
Overall Pick 149 CFN Overall Ranking: 185

One of the best value picks, Davis has great size and excellent upside to be used in a variety of ways. While he didn't always play up to his potential in the Sun Belt, he's the first defensive lineman the Rams took and he could be developed into a great backup.

Not really a speed rusher, he's a great athlete with the work ethic to camp out in a weight room and make himself far stronger. He's a bit too light to be a 3-4 end and even with his athleticism he's not quick enough to be a dominant outside linebacker. He's already maxed out on his size bulking up to get to his current weight, and with his raw skills he can be a versatile defender who'll get used in a variety of ways. His production in Sun Belt play didn't match his talent, and he'll have to show he can become a football player and not just a top prospect.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

150. New England (from Houston)
Zoltan Mesko, P Michigan 6-4, 235
Overall Pick 150 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

The best punter in the draft, if he was taken by almost anyone but New England, this would be considered a major reach and a way-too-early pick for a punter. However, he might be worth it. With a cannon for a leg, he'll be a weapon who'll bail out the offense on those rare occasions when Tom Brady doesn't come through.

Mesko can do it all with a big leg to air it out and good accuracy. He was consistent and always productive, but he has to be a little quicker at getting the ball off. He's used to kicking in bad weather and doesn't need to play in a dome or in perfect surroundings.
CFN Projection: Free Agent
193. Chris Scott, OT Tennessee 6-5, 319
Overall Pick 151 CFN Overall Ranking: 193

The Steelers know how to work with offensive linemen, and while Scott might end up being a better guard than a tackle, he's versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways as a key backup. He has the size and he was a good blocker at a high level, but the Steelers will need time to develop him.

A mauler of a run blocker who'll likely end up spending his career at guard, he's very strong, a nice pass blocker, and was, arguably, the best blocker on a terrific Volunteer line. Able to play almost anywhere on the line, his versatility alone should keep him on a roster as a backup, at least. He needs to get physically stronger (he's not going to be able to overpower linemen in the NFL like he did in college) to be a great guard, and he needs technique work, but he could be a low-risk pick late.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

152. Cincinnati
Otis Hudson, OT Eastern Illinois 6-6, 312
Overall Pick 152 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A mega-reach for the Bengals, they're going after a big, bulky tackle to potentially challenge Andre Smith, or at least push last year's first round pick. He's not athletic and projects to be a better guard, but on sheer size he'll be an interesting run blocker.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Jacksonville (from Tampa Bay from New England)
Austen Lane, DE Murray State 6-6, 276
Overall Pick 153 CFN Overall Ranking: 209

The Jaguars continue to try to fill the holes up front after blowing tons of money on pass rushing prospects over the years. Lane isn't all that fast but he's a very big, very promising prospect who should be a better pick than Hall Davis, an earlier pick in the round.

A small school dominator who needed a great Combine to generate a buzz, and he didn't come up with one running a pedestrian 4.83 40 and came up with a mere 20 reps on the bench. Quicker on the field than he was in workouts, he has a decent combination of skills to go along with his size, and he's a worker who'll try to get much better. However, he got shoved around too much at the lower level and he needs to be coached up to show he can play in the NFL. Not necessarily a rock against the run, he'll be eliminated by any blocker with strength.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

154. Green Bay
Andrew Quarless, TE Penn State 6-4, 254
Overall Pick 154 CFN Overall Ranking: 209

The classing million-dollar talent with the ten cent head, he has first round skills but slid because of work ethic and character concerns. However, he can play and he's a reasonable flier to take in the fifth round. If he wants to be great, he could be a tremendous value pick.

An intriguing prospect, he has the hands, he moves well, and he's a strong, tough blocker who can get down the field. The problem is his head. He doesn't play nearly as well as his measurables and lacks concentration. He had a few off-the-field issues that kept him in hot water at Penn State. On talent and potential, he might be one of the best tight ends in the draft, but he's too flaky to invest heavily in him.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

155. Arizona (from Pittsburgh from Philadelphia)
John Skelton, QB Fordham 6-5, 243
Overall Pick 155 CFN Overall Ranking: 170

Count it down … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … how many Cardinal fans are already looking to see if Skelton can replace Matt Leinart? Unlike the former USC star, Skelton can get it deep, and considering the Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald and just drafted Andre Roberts, it could potentially be bombs away.

Forget about all the spread quarterbacks; here's a true bomber who can push the ball all around the field. There's a problem with arm strength in this class, but not with Skelton who has the gun to make all the throws with the raw skills that Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen and the other top prospects aren't close to owning. Playing at Fordham was an issue and he needs time against faster, better competition, and there are some major design flaws that have to be worked on. His mechanics are lazy because of his arm and he has little in the way of mobility. He's hardly a special prospect, but he has enough of an arm to make NFL quarterback coaches think that something might be there.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

156. Baltimore
David Reed, WR Utah 6-0, 191
Overall Pick 156 CFN Overall Ranking: 166

A good player who went at the right time, the Ravens continue to try to upgrade the passing game to give Joe Flacco some help. He's almost like another Derrick Mason type who might not be spectacular, but he should be a solid No. 3 target.

A JUCO superstar, he came to Utah and put together a nice career. While he isn't all that fast, running a 4.56, for a player of his size, he looks faster on the field and fights for the ball when it comes his way. He adjusts well and he's a quick cutter on his routes. However, he needs to get stronger and doesn't have the top raw skills to be anything more than a complementary player, even though he quickly became the main man for the Utah passing game.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

157. Baltimore (from Arizona)
Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse 6-3, 301
Overall Pick 157 CFN Overall Ranking: 104

The rich get richer. If having Haloti Ngata and drafting Terrence Cody wasn't enough, the Ravens get yet another tremendous defensive tackle to add to the rotation. This is perfect. Jones doesn't have to be an anchor and can be a part of a rotation. He'll thrive.

The only positive on a bad Syracuse defensive front, he was often a one-man gang as an underappreciated star on a struggling team. Strong and great against the run, he's tough when he needs to be and he's quick enough to get into the backfield from time to time. There's a problem with his conditioning and he'll break down from time to time unless he ramps up his workouts a few levels. The potential is there to be a long-time contributor, but he has to want it and he has to be cool with getting kicked around a bit by the coaches.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

158. New Orleans (from Jacksonville from Dallas)
Matt Tennant, C Boston College 6-5, 300
Overall Pick 158 CFN Overall Ranking: 155

The right pick at the right time, the Saints didn't really need to upgrade the offensive interior, but it got a good, sound center with nice size with the potential to be moved to guard if needed. He's a great value considering how high J.D. Walton went; Tennant isn't that far behind.

A good leader who doesn't make mistakes and has great technique, he's just good enough to step in and be a good backup from the start. He had a great offseason showing off excellent agility and the upside to be someone's center for a long time. He needs to get stronger, but he'll always give an honest effort and he'll never get out of the lineup once he's in. He could turn out to be a great value pick.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

159. Philadelphia (from San Diego)
Riley Cooper, WR Florida 6-3, 222
Overall Pick 159 CFN Overall Ranking: 146

Tim Tebow's roommate and favorite target will now get chummy with Kevin Kolb. The Gator has good deep speed and tremendous size, and he should thrive with all the attention paid to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. The Eagles are loading up with weapons for both sides of the ball, and Cooper should stick. He'll make the team.

Very big and very athletic, he's the size of a smallish tight end with the talent to be a top baseball prospect as well. He's not going to be the quickest target, but he has decent 4.52 speed for a player of his size. Speed isn't his game, though. He's a big, tough target with big hands and good strength, and he'll be the type of receiver who does a little of everything well from blocking to being a third down target to making things happen in the red zone.
CFN Projection: Third Round

160. Cleveland (from NY Jets)
Larry Asante, SS Nebraska 6-0, 212
Overall Pick 160 CFN Overall Ranking: 147

The Browns are building through the secondary getting Joe Haden in the first round and taking two safeties. Asante is a far better value here than T.J. Ward was in the second round. Asante isn't going to cover anyone, but he can pop.

Very tough and very physical, he's an intimidating force who looks like a strong safety. When he gets to the ball, he doesn't miss a tackle and he'll be one of the toughest workers on any team. However, he doesn't move all that well and isn't great in pass coverage. It would be nice if he could play like a smallish linebacker and he could shine if he's in the right scheme and doesn't have to hang around with the speedier receivers. Put him in a box and he'll make every play, but his raw skills just aren't there to be hope for any big upside. He is what he's going to be, and while that's not bad, he'll be limited.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

161. Minnesota
Chris DeGeare, OG/OT Wake Forest 6-4, 325
Overall Pick 161 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

While he's not a reach here, the Vikings need to be honest in what they got. DeGeare isn't an NFL tackle and will have to be moved to guard if he wants to be a starter, but he should be a key backup for several spots right away.

Very big and very bulky, he moves well for his size and is a good power blocker. It'll be hard to move him around; he's a block of granite. However, he needs to get more muscular, and, stunningly considering he played at Wake Forest, he's not all that quick at picking up assignments and makes too many mental mistakes. He won't be able to handle anyone with any athleticism.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

162. Indianapolis
Brody Eldridge, TE Oklahoma 6-5, 261
Overall Pick 162 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

He's not going to catch many, if any, of Peyton Manning's passes, but he'll be a key blocker in short yardage situations and he'll be a willing downfield hitter. A pure two-tight end player who'll need to work on the other side of a receiver, he'll find a role if he can stay healthy.

Filled in nicely with Jermaine Gresham out. … Very big with surprising speed. Has a nice combination of raw skills. … A strong blocker. He has the bulk to work in a rushing offense and be a three-down tight end. … Great blocker, not an NFL receiver. … Knee concerns. Got banged up late last year. … Health concerns over the course of his career. Broke his ankle in high school.
CFN Projection:
Free Agent

163. Miami (from Washington from St. Louis)
Reshad Jones, S Georgia 6-1, 214
Overall Pick 163 CFN Overall Ranking: 44

Now the Fish are thinking. After reaching with A.J. Edds and Nolan Carroll, Miami gets one of the best values in the draft. Jones is a second round talent with big hitting ability, and while the defense will have to live through some big mistakes, the upside is limitless. With five defensive players taken, the Dolphins are doing a great job of addressing their needs.

Overshadowed by the star power among the top of the safety pole, Jones doesn't take a backseat to anyone. He's the best pure strong safety in the draft with great range, defensive lineman strength (with 24 reps on the bench), and great all-around athleticism. While he's not a blazer, he's fast enough to fit in any system and he's one of the biggest hitters in the draft. He's not all that thickly built and he misses a few too many plays by trying to make the special stop when the routine would do. There are several questions and concerns about his consistency, but there's a chance he could be among the most special players in the draft if he can put it all together.
CFN Projection: Second Round

164. Pittsburgh
168. Crezdon Butler, CB Clemson 6-0, 191
Overall Pick 164 CFN Overall Ranking: 168

The Steelers keep upgrading at key spots. Butler won't tackle anyone, but he's a blazer who'll help Pittsburgh's team speed. He's at the perfect team for him. He has the tools and the athleticism, but he needs coaching. He'll get it.

The size is there and the speed is definitely there after blazing a 4.41 at the Combine to go with a stunning vertical of 39.5". His technique needs to be blown up to be built up again by an NFL coaching staff. The athleticism isn't a problem and he looks the part, but he's not a natural football player and he doesn't tackle up to his size. Some defensive coach will have to see Butler as a wad of clay to mold and will have to ignore the game tape.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

165. Atlanta
Kerry Meier, WR Kansas 6-2, 224
Overall Pick 165 CFN Overall Ranking: 245

What's he going to do? He's not a wide receiver, he's not a tight end, and he's not a backup quarterback. He's slow and mot all that athletic, but he has phenomenal hands and could grow into an H-Back role. He'll have to show something special right away to stick.

The problem is that he doesn't have a position. A great pass catcher and a strong route runner, the former quarterback is big and tough, but he has no speed whatsoever and he isn't enough of a blocker to be a tight end. He's not an H-Back and he's limited on what he can do, but he's the type of player the coaches want on the roster. He'll do whatever it takes to get by, and his potential as an emergency quarterback could keep him on a team.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

166. Pittsburgh
Stevenson Sylvester, OLB Utah 6-2, 231
Overall Pick 166 CFN Overall Ranking: 220

There's a reason the Steelers are the Steelers. Sylvester is a dangerous, disruptive tweener of a pass rusher who's the PERFECT fit for what Pittsburgh does. He's an aggressive playmaker who'll find a role right away and will be used to maximize his talents.

While he's not going to be a three-down defender, he could make a ton of money and make a lot of headlines as a pure pass rushing specialist. He played at a high level throughout his college career and ate Alabama's lunch n the 2009 Sugar Bowl. Extremely quick with cut-on-a-dime quickness, he could be a disruptive force as a 3-4 outside linebacker if he's in the right defense. But if he's on the field for more than a few downs, he'll get run over by any NFL lineman.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

167. Minnesota
Nathan Triplett, LB Minnesota 6-3, 250
Overall Pick 167 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

The Vikings like linebackers, and they need as many prospects as possible to try to replace E.J. Henderson at least for this year. He's not going to go sideline-to-sideline, but he'll tackle everything that comes his way.

Tough. Put him in a phone booth and he'll come out the winner. … Nice size and build. Looks the part of an inside linebacker off the field. … Works his tail off. Always hustling and never takes a play off. … Not an athlete. Forget about putting him outside. … Everything has to come to him. Won't be able to get after the ball. … Limited. Looks the part off the field, not smooth on it.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

168. San Diego
Jonathan Crompton, QB Tennessee 6-3, 222
Overall Pick 168 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

The Chargers could use a steady, smart backup to work behind Phil Rivers, and while he'll never be a starter, and the team is dead in the water if he is, he can step in and produce for a game or two … down the road. He has decent tools and will get the time to develop them.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

169. Green Bay
Marshall Newhouse, OG TCU 6-4 319 (OT)
Overall Pick 169 CFN Overall Ranking: 179

The Packers continue to take blockers to keep the quarterback clean after having a nightmare of a time last year. Newhouse won't start any time soon, but he'll be a godsend of a reserve at both tackle and guard with his calling likely to be inside if he gets a little bigger.

A true tweener, he's not quite talented enough to be an NFL tackle and he's not tough enough to be a dominant guard. He was a fantastic anchor for some great TCU lines and he's versatile enough to see time doing a variety of things. One of the quickest linemen at the Combine, he moves well, but that's about it. It'll be shocking if he's more than a career backup, but his versatility will come in handy.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round