2010 NFL Draft Analysis - Top Free Agents
Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead
Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead
Posted Apr 24, 2010

Who are the top free agents and the best players who weren't taken in the 2010 NFL Draft?

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Barry Church, SS Toledo 6-1, 222
CFN Overall Ranking: 68

Shhhhhh. He has flown under the radar playing for Toledo, but he has been a major playmaker from the start of his career. While his measureables were hit or miss at the Combine (looking phenomenal in the short drills bit ran a slow 4.69 40), he played faster on the field looking bigger, stronger, and better than anyone he was going against. However, he doesn't have top shelf NFL skills and could be limited in what he'll be able to do. He's not a cover-2 safety and will have his most value closer to the line.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

LeGarrette Blount, RB Oregon 6-1, 241
CFN Overall Ranking: 78

A fantastic power back who'll rack up huge scoring stats as a goal line specialist, the 241-pounder cuts well, hits like a ton of bricks, and he can't be brought down by one defender. Of course, there will always be The Punch that will linger over his career, but that might have been the best thing he could've done since he was able to show the character that many thought he didn't have. You know exactly what you're getting. He's a big, strong back who can finish off drives with scores and can be a sledgehammer who can grind out the clock.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Kyle McCarthy, SS Notre Dame 6-0, 205
CFN Overall Ranking: 98

A terrific playmaker, the question was whether or not he could flash the raw skills to match his on-field production. He did with a good 4.61 40 and with the easy and fluid way he worked around the short drills; he was among the best of all the defensive backs. The 24 reps on the bench did that much more to help him overcome the concerns over his lack of height and bulk. A high-character player, he's as dependable as they come, but he's way too small and isn't nearly physical enough. He won't likely start, but he'll be a nice reserve who can do a little of everything.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Lindsey Witten, DE Connecticut 6-4, 250 (OLB)
CFN Overall Ranking: 107

A true tweener, he's a good athlete with a high motor, but he's a linebacker who plays on the end. The problem is his lack of size for the line and his average quickness and athleticism as a linebacker. A great pass rusher who worked to make himself better, he's strong for his size and he has the room to get bigger. Explosive off the line, he should be able to get up to around 265 pounds and not lose a thing. However, there's little upside, he'll be beaten up by bigger NFL linemen, and he'll need to be a situational pass rusher early on and likely won't be able to hold up on first downs.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Darian Stewart, SS South Carolina 5-11, 213
CFN Overall Ranking: 111

He times fast he plays fast and he makes plays fast. He has a good burst into the backfield and is a good, productive tackler, but he managed to be underappreciated despite playing in the SEC. Smart, he seems to know where to be a step ahead of everyone else, but he has to get stronger and he doesn't do much of anything when the ball is in the air. While he might not have all the physical tools, he's a leader who could end up managing a more talented group of defensive backs working around him.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Micah Johnson, ILB Kentucky 6-1, 258
CFN Overall Ranking: 112

A productive collegian who showed great leadership along with great strength, he's a big, tough tackler who ripped off 31 reps at the Combine and showed just enough quickness to get by. The 4.99 40 was rough and he he's not the smoothest of athletes, but worst of all, on the field, he doesn't quite play up to his size. There's no questioning his leadership, and he's the type of player everyone lots to have, but he'll have to show something special in camp early on.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Jarrett Brown, QB West Virginia 6-3, 224
CFN Overall Ranking: 117

Extremely intriguing, he's a project worth the time and the development. He has a great combination of mobility and arm strength with the potential to be used as a Wildcat quarterback early on while he learns the ropes. He only played one year after working behind Pat White and he didn't always shine under pressure even though he had been in the system and was supposed to know what he was doing. With his arm and his upside, he has the basic tools and now he needs the reps. It's a shame this wasn't a few years ago as he'd have been great to develop in NFL Europe to see more time under fire. He's like a baseball player who needs to log in the at bats before he gets comfortable. It's hard to tell if his tentativeness and shaky decision-making ability is because he hasn't seen enough action, or if he doesn't have the ability. Some quarterback coach will fall in love with the potential.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Danario Alexander, WR Missouri 6-5, 215
CFN Overall Ranking: 118

The best receiver in America over the second half of the 2009 season, Alexander showed great playmaking ability and dangerous deep ball skills. Along with his production, he was also a fantastic downfield blocker with the ability to use his size and strength well. Unfortunately, he suffered a knee injury and durability has always been an issue. He could be a steal if someone is willing to give him a year to fully recover, but he's not there yet and could ruin his career by trying to rush back to try to impress. His technique needs a ton of work and he needs to use his size to his advantage off the line, but he can play … if healthy.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Freddie Barnes, WR Bowling Green 6-0, 212
CFN Overall Ranking: 131

He's too small and too slow, but he plays quicker than his workouts and is far more athletic than his times. After starting out as a jack-of-all-trades, including a dangerous running quarterback, he finished his career setting the NCAA record for most catches in a season making 155 grabs for 1,770 yards and 19 touchdowns. While he doesn't appear to be anything special, he's a fantastic route runner and makes play after play after play. He's a smart player who finds ways to get open and catches everything thrown his way, but his physical limitations put a ceiling on what he can become. He'll stick on a roster and emerge as a solid No. 3 target.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Tony Washington, OT Abilene Christian 6-6, 311
CFN Overall Ranking: 132

Two issues. 1) He didn't play against a high level of competition, because 2) he wasn't able to go to LSU because of his grades and after being convicted of having sex with a relative. On the field, he was fantastic at the lower level and showed tremendous 5.19 speed and came up with 33 reps at the Combine. He moves well, works extremely hard, and with the past behind him, should grow into a nice player with a little more time. He needs technique work and he has to get used to playing against defenders at his own level. Outside of Bruce Campbell, he's one of the draft's biggest boom or bust picks.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Antonio Coleman, OLB Auburn 6-1, 255 (DE)
CFN Overall Ranking: 137

While he's being projected as more of a defensive end, he'll make his money as a pass rusher as a 3-4 outside linebacker. He needs to get functionally stronger, but he's a hard worker, he always has his foot on the gas, and he holds up well playing bigger than his size. He's not strong enough and big enough to be an NFL end, and he's not quite a good enough athlete to be an elite linebacker. While he'll be a good pro, he's not going to be a great one.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Mike McLaughlin, ILB Boston College 6-0, 242
CFN Overall Ranking: 138

While he's extremely strong, he's also slow. Built to be in the middle with good leverage and decent side-to-side mobility, he's a leader who holds up against the run and has a good nose to sniff out plays. Always good at beating up ball carriers, he does a good job of intimidating on the inside. He's not going to be an NFL superstar, but he could be a long time pro with his work ethic and his toughness. He'll find a place on someone's defense.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Adam Ulatoski, OT Texas 6-5, 300
CFN Overall Ranking: 139

While he did a good job of being a key cog on a national title-level offense, he doesn't have the bulk or the skills to translate to the next level. He's not big enough or strong enough to be a power-run blocker, and he's not quick enough to match up with a zone-blocking scheme. Basically, there isn't a spot for him, but he was a good football player at a high level and could hang around the league for a long time as a solid backup.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Chris Brown, RB Oklahoma 5-10, 210
CFN Overall Ranking: 150

Always productive when he get his chance and he did a good job of filling in well as a part of a team loaded with talent. He's not special in any way, he's not all that fast, not all that physical, and he's not going to be much of a blocker or a receiver. He's a runner, and while a ground game can't be revolved around him, he's the type of player who can fill in as a stopgap for two or three games when the star gets banged up. He'll flourish with a few chances here and there but will never set the world on fire.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Stephen Williams, WR Toledo 6-5, 210,
CFN Overall Ranking: 151

The pieces are all there to be fantastic. He's huge, ran a 4.53 at the Combine, and was quick in the workouts for a player of his size. With his jumping ability and his height, throw it up in the air and he'll go and get it, and he adjusts to the ball like a much smaller player. However, he's not a polished route runner and he has to hit the weights to fill out his frame. There's also a question of it he wants it. He has to be a more fiery competitor against the tougher defensive backs.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sergio Render, OG Virginia Tech 6-3, 318
CFN Overall Ranking: 156

Extremely strong and a terrific run blocker, he's a mauler with little finesse about his play. He's not going to do anything on the move and he's such a weightlifting fiend that he has various pulls and other issues, but he plays through the problems, is as reliable and durable as they come, and can be plugged in from Day One. However, he's not known for being the hardest worker on the field.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Lonyae Miller, RB Fresno State 5-11, 221
CFN Overall Ranking: 164

He could be the most intriguing sleeper call over the second half of the draft. With 4.5 speed, excellent size, and tremendous raw skills, he looks the part and could turn out to be ready to explode. A career backup behind some terrific Fresno State runners, he hasn't seen all that much work and should have a long shelf life. He's not the most natural of runners and doesn't run up to his size, but anyone taking him will be going by the possibilities. After looking strong this offseason in workouts, someone will fall in love with the possibilities.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Jevan Snead, QB Ole Miss 6-3, 219 (Jr.)
CFN Overall Ranking: 172

Everything is there except the ability to play quarterback in the NFL … for now. On promise and projection, he has the raw talent to be the most talented quarterback in this draft, but he doesn't have "it." The size is there, the arm strength is fantastic, and he's good on the move, but he was always a second-banana, choosing Texas after Tim Tebow committed to Florida, and bolted to Ole Miss after he couldn't beat out Colt McCoy. While he looks the part, he makes puzzling decisions under fire and is wildly inconsistent throwing way too many interceptions. He's the type of quarterback who could bounce around the league for several years as team after team looks at him in workouts and thinks something might be there, but he's not an ideal backup. He lacks the makeup to come in cold and pull a team out of the fire, and he's way too wild to be a starter right away. However, if he's given a few years to develop and can stay with one team and learn one system (he's book smart, but not football smart), he could have a Derek Anderson-like stunner of a season down the road.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Shawnbrey McNeal, RB SMU 5-9, 194 (Jr.)
CFN Overall Ranking: 174

After doing the near impossible and putting up big rushing numbers in a June Jones passing offense, he had to leave early to help take care of some family issues. While he was a Texas state champion sprinter, he timed shockingly slow (a 4.53) for a player of his size (or lack of it). He's faster on the field with a great burst through the hole and the hands to be used in a variety of ways in the passing game. While he's not going to be an every-down back by any means, he could find a role as a third down back.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Aleric Mullins, DT North Carolina 6-1, 321
CFN Overall Ranking: 174

An interesting prospect with stunning athleticism on a huge frame. He's short, squatty, and he's not all that huge anywhere but around the middle, but he gets off the ball in a heartbeat and has interesting tools worth developing. But does he want to do the work needed? He struggled with his academics and was in a constant battle to get eligible, and he never lived up to his prep potential. If he wants it, he could be a ten-year pro at a high level,
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Ciron Black, OT LSU 6-5, 327 (OG)
CFN Overall Ranking: 180

Few prospects fell further, faster. There was a time when he was considered a possible top 15 pick, but he didn't improve, struggled with his weight, and turned out to be really, really slow and lumbering. While he spent his career at tackle, he doesn't have the athleticism to stay on the outside and will almost certainly have to spend his career at guard. He's experienced, huge, and has good character, but he doesn't have the raw skills to be anything more than a flier if he can't get in better shape and get a bit quicker.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Jeremy Williams, WR Tulane 6-0, 206
CFN Overall Ranking: 182

A solid, pure receiver who looks the part with the bulk and the strength to be on an NFL field, but he's 4.61 slow and doesn't have a lot of suddenness in his cutting ability and he's not going to do much of anything after the catch. Knee problems will keep him from ever being a star, and he's not known for being the type of player who'll run through a wall to make himself special.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Kion Wilson, ILB South Florida 6-0, 239
CFN Overall Ranking: 183

Athletic, he moves around like a defensive back and was a standout on an athletic defense. A great playmaker who's as tough as they come with an A effort every time out, he's simply a good football player. However, he's slowwwww. The 4.89 at the Combine hurt, he's not slippery when blocked, and he's too limited physically to be anything other than an inside linebacker. While he might not be drafted early, he'll be tough to kick out of a training camp.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Donovan Warren, CB Michigan 5-11, 193
CFN Overall Ranking: 186

It seemed like a good idea at the time. After coming out early, Warren appeared to be a possible top corner off the board. And then he ran. Slower in workouts than on the field, he came up with a slow 4.65 in the 40 and didn't look the part at the Combine of a top-shelf corner. Big and with tremendous upside, he could be a sleeper who shines with a little bit of time and a lot of tweaking. Physical, he likes to push around receivers, and he'll need to in order to make up for his lack of top-end speed. His stock is dropping, but he'll be a good mid-to-late round pick if someone can find a role for him. He's not a No. 1 corner in any way.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Brandon Lang, DE Troy 6-4, 266 (OLB)
CFN Overall Ranking: 189

Fluid, he moves extremely well and blasts off the ball. He might not be all that fast, running a disastrous 4.96 40 at the Combine, and his 20 reps on the bench weren't nearly good enough to overcome the concerns about his lack of bulk. While he's a better player than a workout warrior, the raw skills just aren't there to think he can be anything more than a decent backup unless he gets a lot bigger and a lot stronger.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Joe Pawelek, ILB Baylor 6-2, 237
CFN Overall Ranking: 190

Not an athlete in any way, he's nothing but a pure football player who makes a ton of tackles and was a big-time producer at a high level. He has good size and decent straight-line speed, but he's not laterally quick and makes plays on instinct and angles as much as talent. Forget about pass coverage or pass rushing potential, and there's a hard ceiling on what he can do at the next level, but he can be plugged into any lineup and he'll fill the stat sheet.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Terrell Skinner, Maryland 6-2, 214 (SS)
CFN Overall Ranking: 191

While not the typical Maryland workout warrior, he's big with excellent strength and just enough speed to get by. He's not fast by any stretch, but he's just quick enough to not be a total liability in coverage. A big-time hitter, he's an intimidating force who packs a wallop. He's not an instinctive player and he makes far, far too many mistakes, but he might be worth a flier just on his size and hitting ability. Someone will see something big in his potential.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Keaton Kristick, OLB Oregon State 6-3, 234
CFN Overall Ranking: 195

A pure football player. With decent athleticism and a great motor, he could become a special teams superstar if he's not a top linebacker. He needs to get stronger after coming up with just 16 reps on the bench at the Combine, and he's a bit too skinny and isn't a top tackler, but his quickness opened some eyes and he could be used as a situational pass rusher.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

Kyle Jolly, OT North Carolina 6-6, 311
CFN Overall Ranking: 196

While not that strong on the bench at the Combine with just 20 reps, he was quick, showed good athleticism, and looked good enough to match his solid college production. He's a high-character player with good technique and the fire to be great, but he's not nearly physical enough. Forget about him powering over anyone, but he'll be fine if he doesn't have to move too much and could blossom if he all of a sudden gets a lot stronger. While he won't be a star, he should be a terrific, versatile backup.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Brandon Carter, OG Texas Tech 6-5, 329
CFN Overall Ranking: 198

With an interesting mix of raw talents, Carter has the size and the strength to be used at either guard spot. He's a big hitter who could be a better pro then a collegian after not having to slug anyone in the mouth at Texas Tech. He's not an athlete and he's not going to be for every offense, but if he gets the right coach, and one who handles him with kid gloves, he could be a good, productive starter.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Colin Peek, TE Alabama 6-5, 254
CFN Overall Ranking: 200

Extremely tough and willing to take big shots, he might not be much of a receiver but he makes the big plays at the right time and he's more than willing to provide the big block. However, he doesn't do anything all that well and will get pushed around by the better linemen. He's good enough to stick on a roster, but he's not good enough, or durable enough, to be anything more than a part-time player.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Devin Ross, CB Arizona 5-10, 183
CFN Overall Ranking: 203

An extremely good, underappreciated player who largely went unnoticed even in his own conference, he's a football player who has just enough athleticism to get by. He needs technique work, ran a slowish 4.56 40, and he looks a bit small, but he makes up for it, at least a little bit, with a 40" vertical. He'll be better in an NFL camp than he is in a workout, but he'll likely slip down the draft because of his lack of top skills.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Harry Coleman, SS LSU 6-1, 211
CFN Overall Ranking: 204

While he worked out at the Combine as a linebacker, he's really a safety after checking in at a mere 211 pounds. He's a rock of an athlete who was physical enough to be a tough run stopping linebacker at a high level. While he didn't miss many tackles that came his way, he wasn't quite quick enough to sniff out big plays. When he got in space he flew to the ball, but he'll have to prove his talents can translate to the secondary. It might take some seasoning, and he needs to get more physical, but he'll at least be a strong special teamer right away.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Javarris James, RB Miami 6-0, 212
CFN Overall Ranking: 206

A good prospect who had a decent career and a strong combine, running a 4.53 while coming up with 21 reps on the bench, the problem is that he doesn't have any special running skills. Durability has been an issue and was always nicked and dinged, and he never had to do more than carry the ball a little bit here and there; he was never a workhorse. He's a good, tough runner who tries hard, blocks well, and won't dog it in any way, but he has to show a spark in some way to find a regular role.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Chris McGaha, WR Arizona State 6-1, 201
CFN Overall Ranking: 207

With good size and decent speed, he has the look of an NFL target, and it doesn't hurt that he has some of the biggest hands of all the receiver prospects. He makes every catch that comes his way and he was extremely productive and consistent at finding the holes and the open spaces. However, there's a hard ceiling on what he can do and doesn't have any special skills and will get erased by any NFL corner who tries.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

. Blair White, WR Michigan State 6-2, 209
CFN Overall Ranking: 208

Ultra-productive on the field, he worked out extremely well and has become the pet project of several scouts. He ran a great 4.51 at the Combine, was among the quickest players in the short drills, and has always given walk-on like effort every time out. To go along with the raw skills and the size, he inhales everything that comes his way. So what's the problem? The workout ability doesn't necessarily translate to the field and he never gets any separation. He'll be a decent pro, but he won't be a great one.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Kevin Basped, DE Nevada 6-4, 258
CFN Overall Ranking: 211

A superior college pass rusher who gets off the ball in a hurry, he has the motor and he has the want-to to become a specialist. He's not polished in any way, he's a bit too small, and he's not much of an outside linebacker prospect. Good against the mediocre WAC teams, he disappeared against the better tackles and he has a hard ceiling on his NFL potential. With the right coaching he can be a third-down terror who becomes a major sack artist.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Keiland Williams, RB LSU 5-11, 233
CFN Overall Ranking: 212

A disappointment, he has all the size, speed, and skill to look the part of a superstar, but he doesn't play like it. Based on the raw tools he's worth more than just a little bit of a look, but he has never shown that he wants to be a great player, doesn't play nearly as tough as he appears, and didn't do enough for the Tigers to get more than a little bit of work. Either the light has to go on from Day One in a camp, or he'll be a quick and easy cut.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

A.J. Jefferson, CB Fresno State 6-0, 193
CFN Overall Ranking: 213

A pet prospect for a few talent evaluators, Jefferson showed why with one of the best workouts anyone had at the Combine with a 4.43 40, a whopping 44" vertical, and lightning quick time in the short drills. He's not all that strong (the seven reps on the bench proved that), and he needs a lot of time. A LOT of time. He's raw with no instincts whatsoever for the corner position, but he could be an elite kick returner and if he's pushed by the right coaching staff, the upside is limitless.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Seyi Ajirotutu, WR Fresno State 6-4, 204
CFN Overall Ranking: 214

He should be better. He has the size and he has the 4.53 speed and he has the look, and even though he runs well in game speed (and even a bit better than his timed speed) and he looks the part, he just wasn't productive enough. However, it takes him a day and a half to get it into gear and isn't quick enough in his cuts. He's a good prospect, but a disposable one. If he makes it, he'll be just a guy.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

Rahim Alem, DE LSU 6-3, 251
CFN Overall Ranking: 215

A tweener who runs well and has decent balance, he's an all-out defender who's always active plays tough. He worked his way into becoming a good player and doesn't necessarily fit the mold of the typical LSU athlete. A great tackler, he wraps up and doesn't miss a play. While he doesn't have an NFL position and wasn't nearly as big a playmaker as he needed to be in college, he could find a niche as a pass rushing specialist.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

David Pender, CB Purdue 6-0, 180
CFN Overall Ranking: 217

Very fast and very explosive, he has been timed consistently in the 4.4s and can't be blown past deep. With great breaking ability on the ball, he's terrific when he gets to turn and run on deep plays. While he's not all that physical, he's a try-hard tackler who isn't afraid to make plays, or at least try to. However, he's not a natural coverman and he's not an instinctive player. Speed alone will give him a long look in a camp, but he'll need to make a few big plays in the preseason to stay.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Curtis Steele, RB Memphis 5-11, 194
CFN Overall Ranking: 219

Productive when he got the chance, he had problems staying healthy and wasn't always given the opportunity to be a major part of the offense for a full season. He's a good fighter who plays bigger than his size and makes things happen when he has the ball in his hands. However, he's not all that fast for being a smallish player, is a one-cut runner who won't show too much power at the NFL level, and he's not going to hit many home runs.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Junior Galette, DE Stillman 6-2, 257
CFN Overall Ranking: 222

A burgeoning star at Temple, he was suspended from the team for a violation of team rules and he bolted. A top athlete who moves extremely well and slips his way past blocks, he could be more than just a pass rusher even though he's not all that big. The knucklehead factor took him from a possible third round selection to a late flier, but he's a versatile talent with just enough talent to warrant a look.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Jimmy Saddler-McQueen, DT Texas A&M-Kingsville 6-3, 299
CFN Overall Ranking: 225

Because of his combination of quickness and size he's a raw, raw, RAW prospect who might be worth a long look. He's willing to work on being better and he's always going 100 miles per hour, but he needs serious coaching and will be erased by any blocker with any talent. However, if he gets a lot stronger and is allowed time (like a season or two) to work on becoming a real, live football player, he could be a steal late in the draft.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Vince Oghobaase, DT Duke 6-5, 303
CFN Overall Ranking: 226

A tremendous recruit for Duke, he was good, but he wasn't as dominant as originally hoped for. The size is there and he could be a space-eater with a little more time in the weight room, but he's not developed enough as a player or in his body and he had several dings throughout his career. There's wear on the tires and he might have a short shelf life. Worse yet, he doesn't do any one thing at a high NFL level.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Jared Perry, WR Missouri 6-1, 178
CFN Overall Ranking: 228

A tall, thin target, he plays fast on the field but only ran a 4.58 at the Combine. He's quick on his cuts and is good at getting into the open with excellent moves after the catch. However, he's not the sharpest or most disciplined of route runners and he's not physical in any way. He could hang around the league for a while, but he's not going to be anything more than a No. 3 target at very best.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

Andre Anderson, RB Tulane 5-11, 205
CFN Overall Ranking: 230

Following in the footsteps of Matt Forte, Anderson had a decent career as the centerpiece of an awful team. With good strength, he's a solid inside runner who isn't afraid to get physical and always gives a great effort. A good receiver, he could be used as a third down back if he can make a little bit of a splash early. However, he wasn't enough of a difference maker, isn't quick enough for a player of his size, and he doesn't have NFL skills to be a regular runner.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Boris Lee, ILB Troy 6-0, 238
CFN Overall Ranking: 232

Extremely productive at an all-Sun Belt level, he's a fly all over the place, do the dirty work needed playmaker with great quickness to the ball and always attacks, attacks, and attacks some more. While he plays under control, he's extremely aggressive and makes up for his shortcomings, like his lack of footspeed and his height, by playing smart. He's a tweener who's too small to play inside and too slow to be a regular on the outside, but he'll be someone's star on special teams and should make a roster on want-to.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Cole Pemberton, OT Colorado State 6-7, 315
CFN Overall Ranking: 233

He has a great frame and room to get bigger, and now he has to get into a weight room and not come out until he has added far more bulk and has gotten a lot stronger. The 18 reps on the bench at the Combine were awful, and he was lumbering through the drills. He has excellent size and he's a fighter who'll battle, but he's not quick enough to ever be on the left side and can't handle speed rushers.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Jay Ross, DT East Carolina 6-3, 313
CFN Overall Ranking: 234

A big body with the quickness to hope he can be used in a variety of ways, he has the tools. He's strong, can blow through gaps, and is slippery for a player of his bulk. Not always consistent, he's sloppy in his technique and doesn't play up to his skills. For a player who is so strong and so quick, he was pushed around way too much at a Conference USA level.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Lorenzo Washington, DE Alabama 6-4, 291
CFN Overall Ranking: 237

Very big, he's a 3-4 end who has no hope of ever becoming a regular pass rusher. At his size he could be a 4-3 tackle with the quickness to move well against the run, and he can play anywhere along the line when needed. A smart, tough player who held firm against the line but didn't do much stat-wise, he has to learn how to play up to his size. He plays like a finesse end in the body of a slow tackle.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

238. Mike Newton, S Buffalo 5-10, 190 (FS)
With decent speed and good college production, he's an interesting prospect who could pop out in a camp if he gets a decent chance. Just fast enough to get by at either safety spot, he moves well on the field and seems to always be in the right place at the right time. While he's not all that big and he needs to get bulkier, he's a strong tackler who doesn't make mistakes. He'll be the type of player who'll run through a brick wall and will be terrific on special teams, but he's not an elite athlete and isn't going to be an NFL ball-hawker.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Sean Allen, C East Carolina 6-3, 306 (OG)
CFN Overall Ranking: 239

After seeing time early on as a guard, he moved to center and was more than solid. The size is there and he does a little of everything well, moving nicely in pass protection, and he could easily move out to guard without a problem. He's not going to run around anyone and he gets away with way too many holds, but he could find a role as a versatile interior backup.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

Daryll Clark, QB Penn State 6-2, 235
CFN Overall Ranking: 240

If playing in the NFL was all about intangibles, character, and leadership, Clark would be a top pick. He's built like a linebacker, and is strong like one, with a big arm that can push the ball down the field without a problem. He doesn't have a whole bunch of touch and doesn't have the type of short-to-midrange accuracy to be used as a dinker and dunker at the NFL level. Considering
CFN Projection: DD

Greg Middleton, DE Indiana 6-3, 268
CFN Overall Ranking: 242

With good explosion and a nice burst, he's quick and big. A few years ago he was an elite college pass rusher and was among the nation's top ends leading the country in sacks, but he dropped off the map. He doesn't have a high-revving motor and didn't maintain his production over the course of his career failing to improve or advance his game. There's a chance the light could go on and he could be a decent NFL specialist.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Scott Long, WR Louisville 6-2, 216
CFN Overall Ranking: 243

While his durability is a concern, he came up with enough nice offseason workouts to get a look. He's big, ran an impressive 4.46, and is tough enough both in the way he plays and trying to fight off injuries to count on him when there are bumps and bruises. However, he has suffered a torn the ACL in both knees and isn't exactly the smoothest receiver around.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

John Estes, C Hawaii 6-2, 295 (OG)
CFN Overall Ranking: 246

A tremendously productive college player in a pass-happy system, he was one of the WAC's most dominant linemen over the last several years. Very quick off the ball and with a great motor, he's a nasty blocker who could be great in a finesse system. Size is a concern and he's not going to bury anyone, but he could bounce around the league for a while as a try-hard technician.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Andrew Lewis, OG Oklahoma State 6-4, 298, (C)
CFN Overall Ranking: 247

Way too small to play guar on a regular basis, he'll be tried out at center and could even get a look at tackle. He's fast off the ball and moves well, and he plays big for his tall size. Smart, he'll get the playbook right away and can be used in a variety of ways. However, he's not going to blast anyone off the ball and will have to be in a finesse offense.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

CFN Projection: Free Agent

Tim Hiller, QB Western Michigan 6-4, 229
CFN Overall Ranking: 249

You could do a lot worse than getting a guy who'll be a near-perfect backup and potentially a spot starter who can step in and produce whenever needed. One of the smarter players in the draft, Hiller has book smarts and football smarts with great decision-making ability and a solid, accurate arm. However, he doesn't have a big time gun and he can't start for a long stretch without the ability to drive the ball down the field to scare any secondary. His biggest problem is a knee that was destroyed in 2006. There's no mobility whatsoever and he might be one bad hit away from being done. If he's your starter for a long stretch, you're in trouble, but he'll hang around the league because of his intelligence.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Darius Marshall, RB Marshall 5-9, 190 (Jr.)
CFN Overall Ranking: 250

Productive, he's a quick, slippery runner who did a great job finding the creases to make positive yards out of nothing. Despite his size, he's good at finishing off runs and is tough to bring down. However, he's wispy, won't be able to run over anyone at the next level, and is a knucklehead. He was suspended for a stretch for drug possession.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Toney Baker, RB NC State 5-10, 229
CFN Overall Ranking: 251

A strong, tough runner who had the upside and the potential to be a great NFL prospect, but he suffered a major knee injury and was never the same. He has good power, busts his tail, and has done everything possible to try to become a great player, but his knee is too much of a problem, he doesn't have NFL quickness, and he looks like he's laboring a bit as a runner. Even so, he's worth a shot just to see if he has something in the tank for a few good years.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Kurtis Gregory, OG Missouri 6-4, 305
CFN Overall Ranking: 254

A high-character, hard working plugger who knows what he's doing. He has the room to grow a little bit and to get a bit stronger, and with the way his motor is always running, he might make it on want-to alone. However, he's not smooth at all and labors when he moves. The lack of athleticism isn't compensated by power; he's not a road grader.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round