2010 NFL Draft - The Team Rankings
Mike Iupati & Antony Davis
Mike Iupati & Antony Davis
Posted Apr 26, 2010

What teams got the best value? Who had the best and worst drafts based on where they could've gotten the prospects they picked up? CFN ranks all 32 NFL teams and their latest hauls of talent.

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While it takes a few years to figure out if a draft class worked, it's possible to take a good guess on who got the best value. Who took the players at the right time and who over and underpaid?

Based on the CFN talent rankings, along with where the players were taken, here's the ranking of all 32 teams and how much value they got for their efforts.

The Score is based on picks and time. For example, Cleveland's score is 15, meaning the average pick was 15 slots better value-wise. Meanwhile, Oakland took players roughly 16 spots before they deserved to go.

1. Cleveland  Score: 15.125
Top Value Pick: Carlton Mitchell, WR South Florida (6th round, 177th pick)
Worst Value: Shawn Lauvao, OG Arizona State (3rd round, 92nd pick)
Summary: Mike Holmgren came up with a few reaches, like safety T.J. Ward early in the second round, but Colt McCoy, Carlton Mitchell, and Clifton Geathers were tremendous value selections and great chances to take at the time.

2. San Francisco  Score: 11.5
Top Value Pick: Anthony Dixon, RB Mississippi State (6th round, 173rd pick)
Worst Value: Kyle Williams, WR Arizona State (6th round, 206th pick)
Summary: The Niners came up with a strong draft with solid pick after solid pick. Taylor Mays was a steal in the middle of the second round, while Navorro Bowman and Anthony Dixon could've gone far earlier.

3. San Diego  Score: 7
Top Value Pick: Cam Thomas, DT North Carolina (5th round, 146th overall)
Worst Value: Jonathan Crompton, QB Tennessee (5th round, 168th overall)
Summary: The Chargers got one of the best pure run defender prospects in the draft in Cam Thomas in the fifth, and Donald Butler was a great linebacker pickup in the middle of the third round. Considering there was only one pick in the top 78, this was a strong draft.

4. Green Bay  Score: 4.714
Top Value Pick: James Starks, RB Buffalo (6th round, 193rd pick)
Worst Value: Mike Neal, DT Purdue (2nd round, 56th pick)
Summary: Mike Neal might have been taken a few rounds too early, but that was about it for any gray areas. Bryan Bulaga was a fantastic tackle to get late in the first round, and East Carolina DE C.J. Wilson was an absolute steal in the seventh.

5. Carolina  Score: 3.4
Top Value Pick: Tony Pike, QB Cincinnati (6th round, 204th pick)
Worst Value: Armanti Edwards, WR Appalachian State (3rd round, 89th pick)
Summary: Outside of reaching for a prospect in Armanti Edwards, the Panthers did a great job getting quarterbacks Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pick well after they should've been taken, and game up with great gets for the pass rush in Eric Norwood and Greg Hardy.

6. Seattle  Score: 2
Top Value Pick: Dexter Davis, LB Arizona State (6th round, 236th pick)
Worst Value: E.J. Wilson, DE North Carolina (4th round, 127th pick)
Summary: Along with some nice trades, including the pickup of RB LenDale White, Pete Carroll had a whale of a first draft. Getting Russell Okung at the six and Earl Thomas at the 14 were steals, and USC TE Anthony McCoy was a nice get in the sixth round.

7. Dallas  Score: 1.5
Top Value Pick: Sam Young, OT Notre Dame (6th round, 179th pick)
Worst Value: Jamar Wall, CB Texas Tech (6th round, 196th pick)
Summary: The Cowboys didn't have a negative value pick in the first four (up until the sixth round), traded up to get Dez Bryant at the perfect time, and Akwai-Owusu-Ansai was a nice corner find late in the fourth.

8. Baltimore  Score: -2.714
Top Value Pick: Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse (5th round, 157th pick)
Worst Value: Ramon Harewood, OT Morehouse (6th round, 194th pick)
Summary: The Ravens got good pick after good pick with Sergio Kindle for the pass rush, Terrence Cody for the run defense, and two excellent tight ends in Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta.

9. Detroit  Score: -4.5
Top Value Pick: Willie Young, DE NC State (7th round, 213th pick)
Worst Value: Amari Spievey, CB Iowa (3rd round, 30th pick)
Summary: The Lions got Ndamukong Suh. Everything else is gravy. Jahvid Best will be a nice toy to play with, but outside of the top two picks (both in the first round), the Lions might not have another player who'll be a sure-thing. Amari Spievey will make the roster, but he was taken too high.

10. Pittsburgh  Score: -5.9
Top Value Pick: Jonathan Dwyer, RB Georgia Tech (6th round, 188th pick)
Worst Value: Emmanuel Sanders, WR SMU (3rd round, 82nd pick)
Summary: The Steelers, as always, drafted to a type making reaches like Stevenson Sylvester and Chris Scott not that bad. Jonathan Dwyer should've gone in the third round.

11. New England  Score: -6.17
Top Value Pick: Zoltan Mesko, P Michigan (5th round, 150th pick)
Worst Value: Aaron Hernandez, TE Florida (4th round, 113th pick)
Summary: The Patriots seemed to alternate between strange reaches and tremendous best-player-available picks. For every stretch like Jermaine Cunningham and Taylor Price, there were great timing picks like Brandon Spikes and Aaron Hernandez.

12. Philadelphia  Score: -6.77
Top Value Pick: Jamar Chaney, LB Mississippi State (7th round, 220th pick)
Worst Value: Trevard Lindley, CB Kentucky (4th round, 105th pick)
Summary: After a great get in Brandon Graham in the first round, the Eagles have some puzzling way-too-early disasters value-wise with Daniel Te'o Nesheim, Trevard Lindley, and Keenan Clayton going several rounds too early. Graham was the only good value in the first seven picks, and then came the steals in Jamar Chaney, Ricky Sapp, and Jeff Owens.

13. Houston  Score: -7.78
Top Value Pick: Dorin Dickerson, TE Pitt (7th round, 227th pick)
Worst Value: Sherrick McManis, CB Northwestern (5th round, 144th pick)
Summary: The Texans came up with a few off picks, but they weren't that bad. Garrett Graham and Dorin Dickerson are tremendous tight end prospects, and RB Ben Tate was a perfect fit.

14. Tampa Bay  Score: -9.33
Top Value Pick: Dekoda Watson, LB Florida State (7th round, 217th pick)
Worst Value: Brent Bowden, P Virginia Tech (6th round, 172nd pick)
Summary: Getting Gerald McCoy and Brian Price for the middle of the defensive line and coming up with Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams for the receiving corps made this a nice draft, but Brent Bowden and Cody Grimm weren't solid. Getting Dekoda Watson in the seventh made up for it.

15. New Orleans  Score: -11
Top Value Pick: Sean Canfield, QB Oregon State (7th round, 239th pick)
Worst Value: A. Woods, DT LSU (4th round, 123rd pick)
Summary: If you believe Al Woods can play, then the Saints might have hade a top five draft with just five picks. Sean Canfield is a nice late developmental QB pick and 6-6 tight end Jimmy Graham was a fun flier.

16. Washington  Score: -11.667
Top Value Pick: Selvish Capers, OT West Virginia (7th round, 231st pick)
Worst Value: Perry Riley, LB LSU (4th round, 103rd pick)
Summary: The Redskins made the most noise by dumping Jason Campbell on Oakland, but the drafts is all about the O line. Erik Cook and Selvish Capers were fantastic late gets to go along with Trent Williams, a slight reach at the four. However, with only one pick in the top 102, it's hard to do too much.

17. Cincinnati  Score: -14.89
Top Value Pick: Dezmon Briscoe, WR Kansas (6th round, 191st pick)
Worst Value: Otis Hudson, OG Eastern Illinois (5th round, 152nd pick)
Summary: Carlos Dunlap might have been the right pick at the right time in the second round, but not for Cincinnati, who has had a troubled history with sketchy players. The Texas selections, Jordan Shipley and Roddrick Muckelroy, were taken a few rounds too early.

18. Oakland  Score: -15.89
Top Value Pick: Jacoby Ford, WR Clemson (4th round, 108th pick)
Worst Value: Jared Veldheer, OT Hillsdale (3rd round, 69th pick)
Summary: The Raiders made some nice, sound picks in Rolando McClain and Lamarr Houston, but they spent the back half of the draft throwing things at the wall to see if they could stick. Getting Bruce Campbell early in the fourth round was the right time for the workout warrior.

19. Tennessee  Score: -18.56
Top Value Pick: Rennie Curran, LB Georgia (3rd round, 97th pick)
Worst Value: Robert Johnson, CB Utah (5th round, 148th pick)
Summary: A few big, big reaches in CB Robert Johnson and QB Rusty Smith hurt the overall value, but there were some nice picks like LB Rennie Curran and DE Derrick Morgan which filled holes with good values.

20. Buffalo  Score: -19.75
Top Value Pick: Kyle Calloway, OT Iowa (7th round, 216th pick)
Worst Value: Ed Wang, OT Virginia Tech (5th round, 140th pick)
Summary: The Bills went with the fun pick of C.J. Spiller at the nine, and got a speedy WR in Marcus Easley in the fourth, but there were also some big misses timing-wise with DT Torrell Troup in the second and OT Ed Wang in the fifth.

21. 22. St. Louis  Score: -21.45
Top Value Pick: George Selvie, DE South Florida (7th round, 211th pick)
Worst Value: Fendi Onobun, TE Arizona (6th round, 170th pick)
Summary: It's all about Sam Bradford. The Rams could hit on the other ten picks and it won't matter if the No. 1 overall selection isn't a superstar. There were too many reaches from TE Michael Hoomanawanui to Fendi Onobun to even Rodger Saffold at the end of the first (even though that was when many expected him to go). For a team that needed a ton of talent, it didn't get a massive upgrade even with all the picks.

22. Chicago  Score: -23.6
Top Value Pick: Dan LeFevour, QB Central Michigan (6th round, 181st pick)
Worst Value: Joshua Moore, CB Kansas State (5th round, 141st pick)
Summary: For a team that needed offensive linemen in the worst way, taking J'Marcus Webb in the seventh round isn't going to cut it. There wasn't much to do with this draft considering the top picks were given away for Jay Cutler.

23. NY Jets  Score: -27.5
Top Value Pick: Joe McKnight, RB USC (4th round, 112th pick)
Worst Value: John Conner, FB Kentucky (5th round, 139th pick)
Summary: The Jets only had four picks and made some interesting choices. The ranking would be much higher if it wasn't for the pickup of John Conner, but with Joe McKnight, a potential beast of a blocker in Vlad Ducasse, and a great corner in Kyle Wilson to go on the other side of Derrelle Revis, this was about value.

24. Arizona  Score: -29
Top Value Pick: Daryl Washington, LB TCU (2nd round, 47th pick)
Worst Value: O'Brien Schofield, LB/DE Wisconsin (4th round, 130th pick)
Summary: This could turn out to be a great draft if O'Brien Schofield's knee is fine in a year or so and if Andre Roberts quickly grows into a deep threat. Getting DT Dan Williams and LB Daryl Washington ensures something good is coming out of this class.

25. Miami  Score: -33.25
Top Value Pick: Reshad Jones, S Georgia (5th round, 163rd pick)
Worst Value: A.J. Edds, LB Iowa (4th round, 119th pick)
Summary: It was almost like the Dolphins were trying to make a point about how many players they could overdraft. DE Koa Misi, LB A.J. Edds, and CB Nolan Carroll are okay, but they're just guy ... nothing special. The pickup of S Reshad Jones in the fifth might have saved their draft.

26. Minnesota  Score: -35.625
Top Value Pick: Everson Griffen, DE USC (4th round, 100th pick)
Worst Value: Chris Degeare, OT Wake Forest
Summary: The Vikings got a good value pick in Everson Griffen in the fourth, but they overpaid for just about everyone else. Chris Cook is a corner, nothing more, while OT Chris Degeare and LB Nathan Triplett are fifth rounders who likely won't make the team.

27. Indianapolis  Score: -42.625
Top Value Pick: Jerry Hughes, DE/LB TCU (1st round, 31st pick)
Worst Value: Jacques McClendon, G Tennessee (4th round, 31st pick)
Summary: Indy always gets the exact guys it wants and is never afraid to overpay. That happened again this year with Jerry Hughes the only player taken with a great value. Everyone else likely could've been had later, but against, the Colts always get the right players for them.

28. NY Giants  Score: -45.174
Top Value Pick: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE South Florida (1st round, 15th pick) 
Worst Value: Phillip Dillard, LB Nebraska (4th round, 115th pick)
Summary: The Giants failed to get a good value with any pick, overpaying from start to finish for average talents. Granted, they try to take certain players to fit their systems and attitudes, and there weren't any mega-whiffs, but this was a foundation draft for the lines and defense without any star power and one of the riskiest picks in the draft up top in Jason Pierre-Paul.

29. Denver  Score: -49.667
Top Value Pick: Perrish Cox, CB Oklahoma State (5th round, 137th pick)
Worst Value: Zane Beadles, OT Utah (2nd round, 45th pick)
Summary: Josh McDaniels and company appeared to be out to prove a point of some sort. While the Tim Tebow pick might get the most attention, the Broncos overpaid BIG TIME for other top picks like OT soon-to-be-guard Zane Beadles in the second, the always injured Eric Decker in the third, and and even Demaryius Thomas in the first (after passing on Dez Bryant).

30. Atlanta  Score: -54
Top Value Pick: Dominique Franks, CB Oklahoma (5th round, 135th pick)
Worst Value: Joe Hawley, OG UNLV (4th round, 117th pick)
Summary: It's hard to get excited about a draft with two guards (Mike Johnson and Joe Hawley) and a run stopping defensive tackle (Corey Peters) taken early, and if they're not building blocks, this draft will be a waste. Montana S Shann Shillinger wasn't worth the flier in the sixth.

31. Jacksonville  Score: -55.667
Top Value Pick: D'Anthony Smith, DT Louisiana Tech (3rd round, 75th pick)

Worst Value: Larry Hart, LB Central Arkansas (5th round, 143rd pick)
Summary: The Jaguars might have overreached for every single pick. Tyson Alualu is a great tackle prospect, but he could've been had at the end of the first round instead of at the ten. It's not a plus to take four non-FBSers and a WAC tackle (D'Anthony Smith), even though Murray State DE Austen Lane and Southern Illinois RB Deji Karim are interesting.

32. Kansas City  Score: -60
Top Value Pick: Eric Berry, LB Tennessee (1st round, 5th pick)
Worst Value: Javier Arenas, CB Alabama (2nd round, 50th pick)
Summary: KC got Eric Berry handed in its lap and then managed to overpay for every pick from then on. Each pick has issues, and while Illinois guard Jon Asamoah could've gone earlier, he's not a top 70 talent. Several of the picks should stick, but the Chiefs paid for a lot of fliers.