5/2 An Open Letter From USF To The Big East

Posted May 2, 2010

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By Ian Hudson

An Open Letter from USF to the Big East

Dear Big East,

Again with this?

We're only five years removed from your last raid, and we have to deal with the Big Ten now?

Now granted, we are the newcomers to the party. It was because of that raid that we were able to leave C-USA for the greener pastures of your conference. We got BCS affiliation, the conference kept a school in the best football state in the country. It was win-win. This is our home now, and we are quite comfortable.

But our home may be in trouble. We hear that The Big Ten (who should change their name or learn to count) has come a-callin'. Offering promises of bigger revenue streams and notoriety. And who are they after? Rutgers? Syracuse? Pitt?

We know you can't really talk about it. We're just concerned. We have scheduling problems as it is, what with only eight teams in the conference. Between falling under the eight teams required to maintain it, and with the Mountain West making so much noise, we're worried that our BCS affiliation would disappear. And, not to add more problems, but who knows if some remaining members won't try to jump to the SEC or ACC?

Look, we're not trying to tell you how to run the conference. This is your barbeque, and it tastes good. But with possibly two raids in ten years, maybe it's time to go on the offensive. We know you guys are working hard behind closed doors, figuring out what to do. It's clear that the conference championship game set up is where it's at.

We think you should add two or three teams, depending on whether or not the Big Ten steals someone away. It will probably be tough for you to get anyone away from another BCS conference, but our first choice would probably be Boston College. They were an old member, and there's no way they're happy in the ACC. After that, sure: Central Florida and East Carolina. UCF would provide a natural rivalry game for us, and East Carolina has won the C-USA championship the last two years.

Again, we know y'all are working hard on this. We just wanted to offer our two cents. Good luck with everything. And the next time you're in Tampa, we'll take you out for some Mel's Hot Dogs.


The USF Bulls