How Smart Is Your Program? - The APR Reports
Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano
Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano
Posted Jun 13, 2010

It's COLLEGE football. As in everyone is supposed to go to class. The NCAA announced the yearly Academic Progress Reports, or A.P.R., this week with some shocking classroom stars up top and a few at the bottom that will end up losing scholarships. Check out where your team ranked.

2010 Academic Progress Reports

What are the schools doing in class?

It gets easily forgotten, but this is sses from 2004-2005 to 2008-2009. Every Division I sports team calculates its APR each academic year, based on the eligibility, retention and graduation of each scholarship student-athlete. Teams that score below 925 (this is the Mendoza line ... if you can't hit this, you're just not trying) on their four-year rate and can lose up to 10 percent of their scholarships through immediate penalties. Teams can also face historically based penalties for poor academic performance over time.

Below are the rankings for the FBS teams based on their APR and with our scoring for how they graded out. We categorized the teams into ten categories. If a program was in the 90-100% range, it gets a 10 (for our Program Rankings to come out later this summer), while a program that finished in the 1-10% range gets a 1 (with many getting a monster slap on the wrist from the NCAA).

10 is obviously amazing, anything 7 or above is fantastic, and 4 or below is miserable.

10 – an APR of 90-to-100%

"As you know, we have no chapter at Adams College, which is why we agreed to see you. But I must tell you, gentlemen, you have very little chance of becoming Tri-Lambdas. I'm in a difficult situation here. I mean, after all ... you're nerds."

1 Rutgers Big East 992
2 Air Force M-West 988
3 Rice C-USA 987
T4 Illinois Big Ten 986
T4 Northwestern Big Ten 986
6 Duke ACC 983
T7 Miami ACC 978
T7 Notre Dame Ind 978
9 Stanford Pac 10 976
T10 Ohio State Big Ten 975
T10 Northern Illinois MAC 975
T10 Vanderbilt SEC 975

9 – an APR of 80-to-90%

"But I will have a degree, and you'll be serving my kids fries at a drive-through on our way to a skiing trip."

T13 Penn State Big Ten 974
T13 Boise State WAC 974
T15 Georgia SEC 973
T15 Navy Ind 973
17 UCF C-USA 972
18 Florida SEC 971
19 Miami MAC 970
T20 Indiana Big Ten 969
T20 California Pac 10 969
T22 Wisconsin Big Ten 968
T22 TCU M-West 968
T24 Boston College ACC 967
T24 Clemson ACC 967
T24 Georgia Tech ACC 967
T24 Tulane C-USA 967
T24 MTSU Sun Belt 967

8 – an APR of 70-to-80%

"Remember, compared to you, most people have the IQ of a carrot. We're different than most people, Mitch, but you should be proud of that."

29 Wake Forest ACC 966
T30 USC Pac 10 965
T30 LSU SEC 965
32 Army Ind 964
33 Oklahoma Big 12 962
34 Missouri Big 12 958
T35 North Carolina ACC 957
T35 Alabama SEC 957

7 – an APR of 60-to-70%

And today's special guest host on The View... "

37 Western Michigan MAC 956
T38 Memphis C-USA 953
T38 Ohio MAC 953
T38 UCLA Pac 10 953
T41 West Virginia Big East 952
T41 Kansas Big 12 952
43 Kentucky SEC 951
T44 Cincinnati Big East 950
T44 Pitt Big East 950
T44 Nebraska Big 12 950
T44 Marshall C-USA 950
T44 Hawaii WAC 950

6 – an APR of 50-to-60%

"Phys Ed? Okay, you're out of my room. Seriously. Get out."

T49 Connecticut Big East 949
T49 Utah M-West 949
T51 Washington Pac 10 948
T51 Western Kentucky Sun Belt 948
T53 Virginia ACC 947
T53 Syracuse Big East 947
T53 Texas Big 12 947
T53 Oregon State Pac 10 947
T57 Fresno State WAC 946
T57 Nevada WAC 946
T59 Iowa Big Ten 945
T59 Baylor Big 12 945
T59 Oklahoma State Big 12 945
T59 Colorado State M-West 945
T59 Arizona State Pac 10 945
T59 Arkansas St Sun Belt 945

5 – an APR of 40-to-50%

"It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says ... like dumb ... I'm smart and I want respect."

T65 Texas Tech Big 12 944
T65 Tennessee SEC 944
T67 Houston C-USA 942
T67 Oregon Pac 10 942
T69 Michigan State Big Ten 941
T69 East Carolina C-USA 941
T69 Central Michigan MAC 941
T72 Virginia Tech ACC 940
T72 BYU M-West 940
T72 Arizona Pac 10 940
T72 Troy Sun Belt 940

4 – an APR of 30-to-40%

"Lord help me, I'm just not that bright."

T76 Tulsa C-USA 939
T76 Miss State SEC 939
T76 Louisiana Tech WAC 939
T79 Southern Miss C-USA 938
T79 SMU C-USA 938
T79 South Carolina SEC 938
T79 Utah State WAC 938
83 NC State ACC 937
84 Michigan Big Ten 936

3 – an APR of 20-to-30%

De-Fense (clap, clap) ... De-Fense (clap, clap)

T85 Ball State MAC 935
T85 Auburn SEC 935
T87 Minnesota Big Ten 934
T87 Kansas State Big 12 934
T87 Texas A&M Big 12 934
T87 Toledo MAC 934
T87 New Mexico M-West 934
T87 UNLV M-West 934
T87 UL Lafayette Sun Belt 934
94 Eastern Michigan MAC 932
T95 Bowling Green MAC 931
T95 San Diego State M-West 931

2 – an APR of 10-to-20%

"I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T."

T97 South Florida Big East 930
T97 Purdue Big Ten 930
T97 Arkansas SEC 930
T100 Maryland ACC 929
T100 Kent State MAC 929
T100 UTEP C-USA 928
T100 Wyoming M-West 928
T104 Florida State ACC 927
T104 Akron MAC 927
T104 North Texas Sun Belt 927
T107 Louisville Big East 926
T107 Iowa State Big 12 926
T107 Temple MAC 926

1 – an APR of 1-to-10%

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

T110 Buffalo MAC 921
T110 Ole Miss SEC 921
112 Colorado Big 12 920
113 Florida Atlantic Sun Belt 919
T114 Washington State Pac 10 918
T114 NMSU WAC 918
116 San Jose State WAC 910
117 Idaho WAC 908
118 FIU Sun Belt 906
119 UL Monroe Sun Belt 902
120 UAB C-USA 887