Brown Departs Knoxville Via Text

College Football News
Posted Jul 27, 2010

Unconfirmed reports have Brown sending Dooley a text message.

By: BE Coleman

Running back Bryce Brown did not meet with Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley to discuss his decision to transfer to another school.

Dooley noted Friday that he had reserved Monday and Tuesday as times that Brown could meet with him. Brown left town instead.

Dooley had noted at SEC Media Days that Brown came into Knoxville the night he had departed for a Nashville caravan stop. Unconfirmed reports have Brown sending Dooley a text message saying he has quit the program.

Without meeting Dooley, a transfer would be out of the question since Brown has not met the conditions Dooley implements concerning player transfers. Brown would have to sit out a year if he wishes to play FBS – Div 1A.

Dooley reiterated last week, the same sentiment in March that Brown does not want to be a part of the program. The continued ongoing drama is of Brown's own doing added Dooley.

"The only reason this is dragging on, is he hasn't ever told me he wants a release to a certain school, and he's never told me he wants to come back. So, at some point he's going to have to ask for a release," said Dooley.

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