State of the Game - What If Boise Goes 12-0?
Boise State WR Austin Pettis
Boise State WR Austin Pettis
Posted Aug 17, 2010

Preview 2010 - The State of the Game. Boise State finishes the regular season unbeaten. Ohio State starts out the year ranked No. 2 and finishes the regular season unbeaten. Florida loses one game but wins the SEC Championship. Who should play for the title?

Preview 2010 - State of the Game

What If Boise State Is 12-0?

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- What If Boise Goes 12-0?
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Once again, we're extremely proud to get the thoughts from some of the top voices in the college football world in our annual State of the Game piece. Along with three CFN writers, check out the opinions on the key topics going into the 2010 season from legendary play-by-play man, Verne Lundquist, ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, Ivan Maisel, Joe Schad, and Bruce Feldman, Dennis Dodd of, and the Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein.

3. Boise State finishes the regular season unbeaten. Ohio State starts out the year ranked No. 2 and finishes the regular season unbeaten. Florida loses one game but wins the SEC Championship. What two teams should be in the BCS Championship Game?

Pete Fiutak, CFN : Florida vs. Ohio State. I'm a big fan of the side-by-side blind comparisons during March Madness time when Team A has an RPI of this and a strength of schedule of that when compared to Team B and Team C, and then it's always a surprise when Northern Iowa turns out to be more worthy of getting in the tournament than Arizona and Georgia Tech. To me, strength of schedule means EVERYTHING, and while an unbeaten Boise State might actually be the best team in America, it's not about what I believe, it's about what I can prove, and Florida getting through the SEC with one loss (say, at Alabama) is just fine for me compared to Boise State getting through a lightweight WAC schedule and with two nice non-conference wins over Virginia Tech and Oregon State. It's not fair for the Broncos, but I don't believe for a second that they'd get through the Ohio State or Florida schedules unscathed, while the Buckeyes and Gators might be able to blow through the Bronco schedule after the Virginia Tech battle. And that's the other problem. Any team can get up for one huge game against a team like Tech, but it's about the week-in-and-week-out grind of getting up for Georgia, then LSU, then Alabama.

Richard Cirminiello, CFN : The Buckeyes and the Gators. Listen, Boise State would have a great case, having beaten Virginia Tech and Oregon State. However, I find it impossible to anoint the WAC champion over the SEC champ when the two are separated by a single game. The Broncos' road won't include games with Alabama, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, or the West Division champ in early December. The Gators' will. ‘Nuff said.

Matt Zemek, CFN: Boise State and Ohio State, case closed.

Dennis Dodd, I'd go with Boise and Ohio State. Once again, if Florida loses a game it will have done so in a down SEC. The Big Ten is on the rise and Boise has proved it can play with the big boys by winning two BCS bowls. I would have no problem at all. What you're forgetting on July 12 is a) the wacky stuff that can happen in November and b) Dec. 4. Too much happens in November in terms of margin of victory, upsets, etc. Also, on championship Saturday a lot of things are decided.

Bruce Feldman, I'm very partial to the unbeaten factor. I'd say OSU and Boise, assuming those would be the lone unbeatens out there. Boise's conference schedule is very cushy. We know that is practically a given, but to beat VT on the east coast and Oregon State is more than respectable.

Teddy Greenstein, Chicago Tribune: It's crazy to answer a question like this without knowing specifics and actually watching the games. Did Boise throttle Virginia Tech -- or win on a disputed call? Is Florida's one loss in the season opener, against Miami, or versus Florida State in late November?

Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN : What happened to #1?!?!?. Sorry couldn't resist. Again, just based on strength of schedule--looking at your example--I would lean towards Ohio St and Florida. Even though I am a huge believer in the Broncos and think, if they get by VT and Oregon St, they deserve serious consideration. The thing that will continue to haunt them is playing 8 games in conference play that most cfb followers consider meaningless. Not saying it is fair, but that is the perception they will have to break through even if they come up with those big non conference wins.

Verne Lundquist, CBS : Well, I've boxed myself in a corner after the Boise State question, haven't I? If I truly believe that undefeated seasons should be rewarded, then I've got to insist, in the example given, that Boise State and Ohio State meet for the title. I would not feel totally uncomfortable, however, manning an oar in the boat that's flying the flag of Florida's aspirations.

Ivan Maisel, Boise State will generate street cred if it beats Virginia Tech at an anything-but-neutral neutral site, and then beats Oregon State at home. I'd have no problem with Boise State-Ohio State.

Joe Schad, ESPN : An undefeated Ohio State would go to the national championship game ahead of a one-loss Florida. I believe an undefeated Boise State, with non-conference wins against Virginia Tech and Oregon State, starting the season ranked ahead of Florida, would be a virtual coin-flip against a one-loss Florida. It would depend on factors such as: how impressive was Boise against those two teams and in the last three weeks of the regular season? I believe Boise is in the best position (ranking, hype, momentum) of any non-BCS school ever starting a season and I would predict they will get in if undefeated.