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2010 CFN Program Rankings - No. 8 Va Tech
Posted Aug 25, 2010

CFN's 2010 Five-Year Program Rankings and Analysis ... No. 8 Virginia Tech

Preview 2010 - No. 8 Virginia Tech

CFN Five-Year Program Analysis

2010 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis
- Bottom 20 | No. 81 to 100 | No. 61 to 80
- No. 41 to 60 | No. 21 to 40 | No. 11 to 20
- No. 10 Alabama | No. 9 Penn St | No. 8 Virginia Tech
- No. 7 Georgia | No. 6 LSU | No. 5 Oklahoma
- No. 4 Ohio State | No. 3 Texas | No. 2 Florida | No. 1 USC

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Every new coach realistically needs five years to make a program his. He doesn't always get that much time, often being asked to turn things around right away. Five years allow a coach to go through an entire recruiting cycle, get comfortable in the position, and implement everything he'd like to do. With that in mind, we have created our CFN Five-Year Program Analysis (it used to be three years, but we supersized it) highlighting off-the-field factors like the Academic Progress Report (do the players go to class) and the players drafted by the NFL (a huge selling point to recruits), to attendance (it pays the bills) and wins, wins, wins. On-field success ends up being all that matters, so that's where the focus lies. One note, the totals for each team might not add up because we have listed the total number of wins and losses for the categories, while the Bad Wins and Losses and Elite Wins and Losses might be scored differently (two home losses against 3-9 teams would be scored as a 3).

Quick Explanation of Scores
- Attendance: Home attendance average over the last five years divided by 10,000. Avg. Score: 4.37
- APR: The most recently released Academic Performance Rate. 90th to 100th percentile (best) gets a 10, 1st to 10th percentile (worst) gets a 1 Avg. Score: 5.84
- Quality Wins: Wins over FBS teams that finished with a winning record. Avg. Score: 9.62
- Total Wins: Wins over FBS teams. Avg. Score: 29.25
- Players Drafted: Number of players drafted. Avg. Score: 9.62
- Conference Win %: Conference winning percentage times 10. Avg. Score: 4.96
- Elite Win Score: Wins over FBS teams that finished with two losses or fewer, or on the road, at a neutral site, or in a bowl over teams that finished with three losses or fewer. Add an additional 0.5 for an Elite Win over a two-loss team on the road. Avg. Number: 1.25
- Bad Loss Score: Losses to teams that finished with three wins or fewer or any loss to a non-FBS team. Subtract each loss from the overall total. Subtract an additional 0.5 for each Bad Loss at home. Avg. Number: 2.03
- Elite Losses: Losses to teams that finished with two wins or fewer. Take 0.25 of the number. Avg. Number: 5.02
- Bad Wins: Wins over teams that finished with three wins or fewer or any win to a non-FBS team Avg. Number: 10.83

- Detailed Explanation of the Scoring System and Categories

8. Virginia Tech

2010 Total Score: 112.10
2009 Ranking: 8

Program Analysis: Georgia Tech might have won the ACC Championship last year, but Virginia Tech has been the class of the conference since joining in 2004. Last year was the highest the program has ever been in the rankings, and the 10-3 2009 season kept the spot.

The 48 FBS wins are great, only Florida and Texas have more Quality Wins, and a 78% winning percentage in ACC play is phenomenal. So why isn’t there much respect on a national scale?

The 5.5 Elite Win Score is solid, the 26 players drafted is terrific, and the consistent greatness is there year after year. However, sooner or later, there has to be a huge win on a big-time scale, and this year, that has to come against Boise State. Beating Nebraska and Tennessee last year was nice, but the loss to Alabama started the season and took the Hokies out of everyone’s thoughts.

The 11-2 2005 season won’t count next year, so head coach Frank Beamer has to come up with yet another great year for the ranking to stay this high. Judging by recent history, that won’t be much of a problem.

Attendance Score: 6.60
2005: 65,115
2006: 66,233
2007: 66,233
2008: 66,223
2009: 66,233

APR Score: 5

Draft: 26
2006: Jimmy Wiliams, Darryl Tapp, James Anderson, Jeff King, Jon Lewis, Justin Hamilton, Jimmy Martin, Will Montgomery, Cedric Humes
2007: Aaron Rouse, David Clowney, Brandon Frye
2008: Duane Brown, Brandon Flowers, Eddie Royal, Chris Ellis, Xavier Adibi, Carlton Powell, Josh Morgan, Justin Harper
2009: Victor Harris
2010: Jason Worilds, Kam Chancellor, Ed Wang, Brent Bowden, Cody Grim

FBS Wins: 48

Quality Wins: 28
2005: at NC State, Georgia Tech, Boston College, at Virginia, Louisville (Gator Bowl)
2006: Cincinnati, Southern Miss, Clemson, at Miami, at Wake Forest
2007: East Carolina, at Clemson, at Georgia Tech, Florida State, at Virginia Boston College (ACC Championship)
2008: Georgia Tech, at North Carolina, at Nebraska, Maryland, Boston College (ACC Championship), Cincinnati (Orange Bowl)
2009: Marshall, Nebraska, Miami, Boston College, East Carolina, Tennessee (Chick-Fil-A Bowl)

Elite Wins: 5.5
2005: at West Virginia, Louisville (Gator Bowl)
2006: at Wake Forest
2007: Boston College (ACC Championship)
2008: Cincinnati (Orange Bowl)
2009: None

Bad Losses: 0

Elite Losses: 4
2005: None
2006: None
2007: at LSU, Kansas
2008: None
2009: Alabama

Bad Wins: 10
2005: at Duke
2006: Northeastern, at North Carolina, Duke
2007: William & Mary, at Duke
2008: Furman, Western Kentucky
2009: at Maryland, at Virginia

Conf. Score: 7.75
2005: 7-1
2006: 6-2
2007: 7-1
2008: 5-3
2009: 6-2